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Borderlands 3 Legendary weapons (2020) - All 138 Legendaries explained

These Legendary weapons are pure gold (literally)

The 138 Borderlands 3 Legendary weapons on offer are, quite literally, spectacular. They're a spectacle. Spectacle-ular. While every other weapon in Borderlands 3 is procedurally generated and extremely variable, the uber-rare gold Legendary weapons have been carefully crafted to offer a completely new (and often very bizarre) experience with each one.

But how do you get your hands on them, and which of them could be called the best weapons in the Borderlands? Our Borderlands 3 Legendary weapons guide will answer these and any other questions you may have on Legendaries in this chaotic looter-shooter - including the best locations to go Legendary farming!

Borderlands 3 weapons cheat sheet 2560x1440
This guide is an offshoot of our main Borderlands 3 weapons guide. Middle-mouse click on the above (extremely useful) cheat sheet to find out more about weapons in general!

Borderlands 3 Legendary weapons & best weapons

Now, I'm not going to assume everyone reading this knows all about Borderlands 3 Legendary weapons already - but at the same time I know most of you just want to get to the lists. So I've condensed down the need-to-know basics as much as possible below:

  • Legendary weapons in Borderlands 3 are unique and rarely dropped weapons with special traits and attributes that you won't find on any other gun in the game.
  • You'll know Legendary weapons from their Gold colour and the Red Text in their description. This Red Text is usually a bit of flavour text that can give you an insight into the gun's name, origin, or unique effects.
  • If you have the Minimap Legendaries setting enabled in the options (under Gameplay) then Legendary weapons will be highlighted by a star on your minimap, making them even easier to spot.
  • Legendary weapons are more crafted than the procedurally generated weapons in the lower rarity tiers, but they still have varying stats based on their prefix and your player level.
  • Certain Legendary weapons drop from specific bosses or Legendary Hunt challenges, but others have a random chance of dropping from any cache of loot or dead body.

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Now that you have a full understanding of what these fabled Legendaries are and why we're all so interested in them, let's explore them in more detail. First we'll go over some prime locations and methods for farming Legendaries; and then we'll go over the full list of each Legendary weapon on offer in Borderlands 3. Click any of the links below to skip ahead.

Borderlands 3 Legendary Farming - best Legendary locations

It didn't take long at all for Borderlands 3 players to figure out several methods for consistent Legendary Farming - that is, how to obtain Legendaries and other high-value loot as quickly and efficiently as possible. After the patch from Gearbox nerfing several of the most prominent Legendary Farms across the Borderlands, certain tactics are now more viable than others:

  • The Porcelain Pipe Bomb is a powerful tool for farming Legendaries - a grenade that, in the post-campaign Mayhem Mode, can one-shot most bosses, most notably the Graveward boss on Eden-6 which was (and still is, to a lesser extent) a very strong source of high-value loot. Check the video above for more information on the Porcelain Pipe Bomb and this method of Legendary Farming.
  • Another useful boss for Legendary Farming is Captain Traunt on Athenas - as well as having a higher-than-average chance to drop Legendaries on death (especially in Mayhem Mode), once dead a room opens nearby containing three large chests, each with another chance to grant a Legendary item.
  • Aside from bosses, Loot Tinks are another core ingredient for Legendary Farming, but (thanks to the latest patch) now only effective in Offline Mode. To play in Offline mode, simply close Borderlands 3, disconnect your Ethernet Cable or turn off WiFi, then relaunch the game).

Borderlands 3 Legendary Assault Rifles - Star Helix

Borderlands 3 Legendary weapons list

Now let's go over each of the Legendary weapons and gear that we know about in Borderlands 3. We've split the list up by weapon type, so have a scroll until you find the class of weapon you're after.

And do make use of the search bar at the top of each table to filter it down to find a certain weapon, or show only weapons from a certain manufacturer, or whatever else you might want to view.

Note: click on each Legendary weapon's name to be brought to a YouTube video spotlighting each one. These videos (and the screenshots in this guide) are mostly taken from the "WoW Quests" channel, but some are from other sources. Thanks also to the Borderlands Wiki and to this spreadsheet of Legendary weapons by Reddit user "Tonydml".

Borderlands 3 Legendary Assault Rifles

NameUnique EffectsDrop Type
Rebel Yell (Atlas)Fires tracking darts that your bullets home in onWorld Drop
Carrier (Atlas)Bullets ricochet; can fire tracker grenade, bullets home on all enemies within radiusWorld Drop
Embrace the Pain (CoV)Prolonged firing sets user on fire but increases fire rate and stops consuming ammoWorld Drop
Pain is Power (CoV)Deals fire damage to user instead of breaking when overheatedWorld Drop
Sawbar (CoV)After firing continuously, bullets split into 3 explosive projectilesWorld Drop
Zheitsev's Eruption (CoV)On overheating, fires tracking missiles that freeze enemiesMayhem 4: Wotan
Barrage (DAHL)Burst-fire; alt-fire toggles zoom magnificationWorld Drop
Breath of the Dying (DAHL)Killed enemies explode releasing corrosive balls in all directionsWorld Drop
Good Juju (DAHL)4-shot burst; refills magazine on killMayhem 4: The Rampager
Kaos (DAHL)Enemies explode on death, dealing element damageWorld Drop
Star Helix (DAHL)Full-auto, shoots 3 bullets at once in a helix patternWorld Drop
Warlord (DAHL)30% chance to not use ammo per shotWorld Drop
Bekah (Jakobs)Shots split in mid-air into 3 projectilesHammerlock Challenges: 100% Reward
Gatlin' Gatling Gun (Jakobs)Fire rate increases the longer you shootWorld Drop
Hand of Glory (Jakobs)Fires a trio of 2-shot bursts in quick successionQuest Reward: The Guns of Reliance
Lead Sprinkler (Jakobs)Bodyshots spawn 1 ricocheting explosive pellet; Headshots spawn 3Billy, The Anointed (Eden-6: Jakobs Estate)
Rowan's Call (Jakobs)Crit-hits ricochet 2 bullets and return 2 bullets to your magazineWorld Drop
Alchemist (Torgue)Semi-Auto. Sticks as shock, explodes as fire. Damages userWorld Drop
Bearcat (Torgue)Fires rows of bouncing fire grenades that explode on enemy impactWorld Drop
Juliet's Dazzle (Torgue)Piercing ricochet shotsMayhem 4: Aurelia Hammerlock
Laser-Sploder (Torgue)Laser deals constant elemental damage & spawns explosive projectilesWorld Drop
Try-Bolt (Torgue)Fires bursts of slow-moving explosive projectilesWorld Drop
Damned (Vladof)Weapon-shieldWorld Drop
Faisor (Vladof)Powerful shotgun alt-firing modeWorld Drop
Lucian's Call (Vladof)Crit-hits ricochet 2 bullets and return 2 bullets to your magazineWorld Drop
Ogre (Vladof)Explosive shots. High mag sizeWorld Drop
The Dictator (Vladof)Fires 3 shots at once in horizontal row; with bipod, fires 7 shotsWorld Drop
Shredifier (Vladof)Fast-firing, high mag sizeWorld Drop
Sickle (Vladof)Fires shotgun blasts in the shape of a sickleWorld Drop

Borderlands 3 Legendary SMGs

NameUnique EffectsDrop Type
9-Volt (DAHL)Burst-fire; shoots triangle of Shock projectilesKillavolt (Promethea: Lectra City)
Crader's EM-P5 (DAHL)Fast-firing; increased move speed; increased accuracy while jumpingMayhem 4: Agonizer 9000
Night Hawkin (DAHL)Switches between Fire/Cryo based on time of dayWorld Drop
Hellfire (DAHL)High elemental damage & fire rate; variable zoom levelJabbermogwai (Crew Challenge)
Ripper (DAHL)Melee'd enemies take extra damage from bulletsWorld Drop
Sleeping Giant (DAHL)Chance on reloading to grant random weapon bonusesWorld Drop
Vanquisher (DAHL)20% slide speed increase; Fire Rate doubled while slidingWorld Drop
Bankrolled Predatory Lending (Hyperion)Uses money instead of ammo; $1-3 per shotLavender Crawley (Crew Challenge)
Bitch (Hyperion)High Fire Rate & AccuracyWorld Drop
Crossroad (Hyperion)6-shot burst; 2 ammo per shotWorld Drop
Handsome Jackhammer (Hyperion)Throw gun instead of reloading; bounces, shooting continuously and creating Novas where it bouncesWorld Drop
Hyperfocus XZ41 (Hyperion)Front shield reflects bullets back at attackersWorld Drop
Redistributor (Hyperion)Shock; Every 7th shot chains to nearby enemiesWotan (Midnight's Cairn)
Cloud Kill (Maliwan)High Fire Rate; creates Corrosive cloud on impact that deals continuous damageQuest Reward: Beneath the Meridian
Cutsman (Maliwan)Projectiles stretch horizontally as they travel forwardWorld Drop
Destructo Spinner (Maliwan)Fires two projectiles per shot, each with a different element typeWorld Drop
Devoted (Maliwan)Fire Rate increases the longer you fireWorld Drop
Kyb's Worth (Maliwan)Killed enemies spawn healing aurasWotan (Midnight's Cairn)
Tsunami (Maliwan)Randomly fires additional Shock/Corrosive shots; bullets ricochet onceKatigawa Ball (Promethea: Skywell-27)
Vault Hero (Maliwan)VIP Legendary; switch between Shock/Corrosive at willVIP Insider Reward
Westergun (Maliwan)High splash damage with each hitPrivate Beans (Invasion of Privacy)
Long Musket ++ (Tediore)Flamethrower. Reloading throws the gun, which then becomes a remote turret with legs that can climb wallsWorld Drop
Smart Gun XXL (Tediore)Throwing weapon on reload spawns a Gigamind spider turretGigamind (Promethea: Meridian)
Ten Gallon (Tediore)When thrown on reload, the gun follows you as a drone and fires at enemies on its ownWorld Drop

Borderlands 3 Legendary Shotguns

NameUnique EffectsDrop Type
Brainstormer (Hyperion)Vertical row spread; shocks nearby enemiesWorld Drop
Conference Call (Hyperion)Spawns more projectilesWorld Drop
Deep Dive Face-Puncher (Hyperion)Damage is based on your melee damageWorld Drop
Fearmonger (Hyperion)4 weaving shots that stick and explode; high damageBloody Harvest (The Heck Hole)
Phebert (Hyperion)Hitscan; increased damage; 2 ammo per shotWick and Warty (Lectra City)
The Butcher (Hyperion)Full-auto; high Fire Rate & AccuracyWorld Drop
Hellwalker (Jakobs)Incendiary; increases status effect damage/chance after Action Skill endsWorld Drop
Nimble Jack (Jakobs)Tight spread; 1 shot before reloadingHandsome Jackie (Skywell-27)
One Pump Chump (Jakobs)50% chance not to consume ammo on shotOne Punch (Lectra City)
Sledge's Shotgun (Jakobs)2-shot burstWorld Drop
T.K's Wave (Jakobs) Projectiles are bouncy and travel in a waveWorld Drop
The Garcia (Jakobs)High magazine sizeChonk Stomp (Crew Challenge)
The Tidal Wave (Jakobs)Projectiles are bouncy and travel in a waveWorld Drop
Kill-o'-the-Wisp (Maliwan)Fires large Shocking spheres with slow travel time that explode after certain distanceWorld Drop
Mind-Killer (Maliwan)Near-instant charge time; ADS tightens spread into a "+" shapeMouthpiece (Cult Following)
Recursion (Maliwan)Shoots a disk that bounces off surfacesWorld Drop
Trevonator (Maliwan)Full-auto; shoots 6 elemenal orbs in a burstWorld Drop
Vosk's Deathgrip (Maliwan)Switch between singularity shot and 6-shot connecting beamsMayhem 4: Troy Calypso
Creeping Death (Tediore)Throw gun at enemy and your previous shots will home towards that enemyMother of Grogans (The Anvil)
The Horizon (Tediore)When thrown, weapon can be fired to create a singularity that then explodesMaxitrillion (Rare Hunt Quest)
Polybius (Tediore)Shoots in 4x4 grid pattern; when thrown, will spawn Tediore Land Crab that explodes on targetsWorld Drop
Flakker (Torgue)Shoots a triangular wall of explosions with extra splash radiusWorld Drop
Redline (Torgue)Faster Fire Rate in sticky mode; weapon charge up increases Fire RateRoad Dog (Kill Road Dog)
The Boring Gun (Tediore)Shoots 3 explosive sawblades that travel along the groundLavender Crawley (Crew Challenge)
The Lob (Torgue)Fires a large, slow-moving elemental orb that passes through enemiesWorld Drop
Tiggs' Boom (Torgue)Piercing explosive shots; Meteors fall from sky on killWotan (Midnight's Cairn)

Borderlands 3 Legendary Snipers

NameUnique EffectsDrop Type
Stalker (DAHL)3-round burst; toggle between vertical/horizontalBloody Harvest: The Heck Hole
Malak's Bane (DAHL)Semi-auto; swaps between Sniper and ShotgunWorld Drop
Crossbow (Hyperion)One shot mag size; shoots powerful explosive boltUrist McEnforcer (Lectra City)
Tankman's Shield (Hyperion)Kills increase damage for next magazineMayhem 4: Captain Traunt
Woodblocker (Hyperion)Shoots in 4-round burstsWorld Drop
Headsplosion (Jakobs)Shots explode on impact dealing bonus damageManvark (Crew Challenge)
Monocle (Jakobs)Extreme weapon zoom; high Accuracy, Handling, and ~500% crit damage but reduced normal damageWorld Drop
ASMD (Maliwan)Shoots slow-moving Shock ball on hip-fire; fast-moving Shock bolt while ADSingWorld Drop
Firestorm (Maliwan)Shots spawn 3 fireballs with high splash radiusWorld Drop
Krakatoa (Maliwan)Full-auto; turns killed enemies into volcanoes World Drop
Storm (Maliwan)On impact, spawns Shock orbs that float and zap enemies over timeWorld Drop
Lyuda (Vladof)Splits into three projectiles in mid-air after a certain distanceWorld Drop

Borderlands 3 Legendary Pistols

NameUnique EffectsDrop Type
Linc (Atlas)Fast Fire Rate & projectile speedAnointed Alpha (Malevolent Practice)
SkekSil (CoV)Occasionally sends out 2 additional rocketsSkrakk (Crew Challenge)
MOARR Linoge (CoV)Hail of slow ricocheting bulletsWorld Drop
Pestilence (CoV)High Fire RateHeckle/Hyde (Crew Challenge)
Psycho Stabber (CoV)+125% melee damageBorman Nates (Meridian Outskirts)
AAA (DAHL)Burst-fire; projectiles form "A" pattern; high elemental chanceWorld Drop
Nemesis (DAHL)Semi-auto; deals high Shock damageWorld Drop
Night Flyer (FAHL)High DPS, but will only damage enemies until they are at 1HPRakk Man (Carnivora)
Hornet (DAHL)6-shot burst; high elemental/splash damageWorld Drop
Amazing Grace (Jakobs)High damage; crits return bullet to magazineQuest Reward: Life of the Party
King's / Queen's Call (Jakobs)Crit ricochets 3 bulletsTyreen the Destroyer (Divine Retribution)
Maggie (Jakobs)6 pellets per shotWorld Drop
The Companion (Jakobs)Crit ignites enemy; very high elemental damageWorld Drop
The Duc (Jakobs)Sticky explosive rounds; crits ricochet 2 bulletsWorld Drop
The Flood (Jakobs)Full-auto; extreme Fire RateWorld Drop
Unforgiven (Jakobs)Extreme crit damage; unique reload animationWorld Drop
Wagon Wheel (Jakobs)Ricochets 6 bullets off enemyWorld Drop
Hellshock (Maliwan)Full-auto; switch between Fire & ShockWorld Drop
Hyper-Hydrator (Maliwan)Water gun/TaserPre-Order/Deluxe Edition
Sellout (Maliwan)Quick laser that explodes as an orb; damages userSuicide Option (Sellout)
Superball (Maliwan)Shoots small fire orbs that bounce along the groundWorld Drop
Thunderball Fists (Maliwan)On impact; projectiles form an orb which rises up before falling and Shocking anything nearbyWorld Drop
Baby Maker++ (Tediore)Reload explodes on impact and becomes 4 flying pistolsWorld Drop & Clap-Trap Crew Challenge
Bangarang XL (Tediore)When reloaded, spins horizontally and sprays bulletsWorld Drop
Gunerang XL (Tediore)Reload throw returns to the character and explodesWorld Drop
S3RV-8OS-Execute+ (Tediore)Enemies hit by empty thrown gun take increased damage; effect stacksMayhem 4: General Traunt
Scorpio XL (Tediore)Thrown weapon creates Roland's turretUnobtainable, requires cheats
Breeder (Torgue)Shoots sticky that spawns small MIRV grenadesWorld Drop
Devastator (Torgue)2-round burst; high Splash radiusWorld Drop
Devil's Foursum (Torgue)Shoots 3 explosive projectilesWorld Drop
Girth Blaster Elite (Torgue)Toy gun that shoots foam dartsPre-Order/Deluxe Edition
Moonfire (Torgue)3rd shot fires double-damage beamWotan (Midnight's Cairn)
Occultist (Torgue)Fires single projectile with many additional projectiles swirling around it; all are explosive and IncendiaryTroy Calypso (The Great Vault)
Roisen's Thorns (Torgue)Always Corrosive; impact firing mode fires 2 additional Fire projectilesWorld Drop
Echo (Torgue)Sticky shot for delayed explosion; 2 ammo per shotWorld Drop
Infinity (Vladof)Does not consume ammunition; fixed mag size of 1World Drop
Magnificient (Vladof)Low Accuracy but high Fire RateWorld Drop

Borderlands 3 Legendary Heavy Weapons

NameUnique EffectsDrop Type
Freeman (Atlas)Laser guide your missilesWorld Drop
Ruby's Wrath (Atlas)7 rockets that can be homed in on targets using a Vortex GrenadeWorld Drop
Hive (Torgue)Fires large slow-moving projectile that will begin to fire small homing rockets at enemies before explodingPrincess Tarantella II (The Splinterlands)
R.Y.N.A.H. (Torgue)Fires two large explosive balls that chain damage to nearby enemiesUnobtainable, requires cheats
Scourge (Torgue)Shoots 1 large projectile with three smaller rockets swirling around it; all explode after certain distanceWorld Drop
Stuffed Quadomizer (Torgue)Fires a row of 4 rockets; cycles between Radiation, Corrosive, and IncendiaryThe Rampager (Beneath the Meridian)
Tunguska (Torgue)Upon impact, rocket redirects upwards before explodingWorld Drop
Jericho (Vladof)Radiation damage; Shots fired rise into the air before detonating, releasing smaller rockets that rain down before explodingWorld Drop
Mongol (Vladof)Fires one large rocket that spawns multiple smaller rocketsUnobtainable, requires cheats

Alright, I think that's pretty much every Legendary weapon that we know to exist in Borderlands 3, so let's call it there. Hopefully you've found what you're looking for; and if not, keep checking back, because we'll be continuing to update this list with everything new we find!

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