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Borderlands 3's fourth DLC blows up Krieg's brain from the inside

How introspective!

What's on your mind, Borderlands 3? Perhaps I should be asking what's in your mind, actually, because the fourth (and presumably final) DLC for Gearbox's trigger-happy loot romp is delving into the imagination of screaming masked goon Krieg. Arriving next month, Psycho Krieg And The Fantastic Fustercluck presents an unusually introspective turn for Borderlands, one where we explore the innermost feelings of a deeply troubled man trying to find his place in a chaotic future.

Nah, I'm kidding. We're gonna blow the crap outta this guy's mind.

Arriving September 10th, Fantastic Fustercluck tosses our loot-shooting heroes into a wonderfully surreal inner world, by way of a lotta tired language regarding mental health. Borderlands gonna Borderlands, I s'pose.

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Mind how Mad Max: Fury Road had its own culture of hyperviolent chrome-sucking, Valhalla-seeking meatheads? Well, Borderlands 3's own mask-wearing Psychos have been "driven insane" by a quest for their own "Vaulthalla" - a place that, for whatever reason, can only be found by Psychonauts'ing your way into the brainscape of a particularly brutal Psycho named Krieg, a DLC character from back in Borderlands 1. Your band of vault hunters are searching for it too, so series boffin Patricia Tannis has agreed to zap into this bloke's head.

So begins an explosion of antics that have you facing off against Krieg's inner demons, led by NPCs representing the two halves of his war-addled brain. Manifestations of B'lands 1 and 2 characters pop-up from Krieg's perspective of them, including menacing incarnations of the first game's heroes and Maya, the second game's spellslinger who the Psycho views as "the light of his life." There'll also be a whole lotta loot, as usual - just don't ask how you're bringing it outta the guy's head.

Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck arrives as part of the Borderlands 3 Season Pass on Steam and Epic on September 10th. It'll be joined by a free update for all players that's bumping the level cap up to 65 - as far as Gearbox are willing to push it for now. While major updates may be winding down, it looks like they may continue to support mini-events like the ongoing Anniversary Celebration.

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