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Borderlands 3's upcoming Takedown at Maliwan's Blacksite is a free end-game raid

Loots good

Though they never once use the word "raid", I am deploying it to talk about Borderlands 3's upcoming Takedown at Maliwan's Blacksite. It's a new chunk of looter-shootering coming in November, and a free and permanent mission for those who have completed the main game. It's a high-level area with tough enemies and bosses, and bespoke loot to grab. It sounds awfully like a raid to me.

It was announced during the Borderlands Show, which is over 90 minutes long and therefore really not something to be writing up before lunch. Luckily, there's a blog to peruse, and I have kindly linked to the specific area in the video below when they start chatting about it.

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It will only unlock if you have a full playthrough under your belt. It's balanced for four-player teams at level 50 and above, and takes place in a secret Maliwan lab. It's full of high-specced elemental enemies, including new invisible troopers, and a cool boss mech called "Wotan the Invincible", which sounds very overpowered to me. I hope it's just a name. New enemy variants exist on higher difficulty levels as well. To reward players brave enough to take on Maliwan's secret troops, the loot is tuned to drop some of the best shields you'll ever see in Borderlands 3. That's good because if there's one thing my coop buddy keeps telling me it's that I should stop dying all the time.

It'll be the first of many Takedowns. Each one is looking to be 30-40 minutes to play, so it's long, but also not a commitment, and they're built to be replayed. It's out on Nov 21.

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