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Brink Character Customiser Shows Its Face

Brink is showing all sorts of potential. Back at E3 I was rather taken aback by the possibilities for blurring the lines of team-based online gaming and offering a linear narrative. And also slightly bemused by it all. There's a big old preview here. Below is a video showing off the character customisation, but carrying with it a bunch of more useful information. The body type you create, it seems, isn't just for your aesthetic pleasure, but also defines the role your character will play and the types of equipment he can use.

This is primitive just now - I think it's little more complicated than two or three bulk settings. But it does suggest where this could go next - more subtle changes in ability based on the physique you choose. Also, the video gives a few more clues about the opposing sides, and the role unlockable extras will play as you level up. Oh, and it demonstrates very clearly why some phrases shouldn't be Anglicised. "Bad arse" indeed.

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Via VG247, as you may have noticed by the giant obscuring box those show-offs put on the video.

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