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Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons PC Bound

I'd like to think that Starbreeze's self-co-operation game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons came into being when Creative director Josef Fares looked at a modern game controller. He held it in his hand, probably while wearing protective gloves, and spotted the symmetry between the d-pad and the four face buttons. Then he shouted "eureka", and ran around the offices showing it to everyone. Work stopped for the day, a team meeting was held, he was reprimanded for shoving the controller into the CEO's face while he was on the toilet, but everyone eventually came around to the idea of controlling two characters. It was so bound to that moment of Xbox epiphany that it only came out as an exclusive on Microsoft's RRODbox yesterday, but it is now on the way to the PC. I'm told it's absolutely brilliant, too.

Like 9/10 brilliant over on Eurogamer, though that review is glowing because of a narrative moment of wonder in the puzzle-based adventure game. The co-op puzzles and general story are apparently just very good, which I will totally accept. Anyway, you'll be able to find out for yourself with yourself on August 28th, which is when it arrives on Steam for about £10/$15. Here's what it looks like.

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