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Build-A-Wizard: Dragon Age Inquisition's Character Creator

But can we play as Taylor Swift?

We only have a few more months to wait until five years of questing and world-saving conclude in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and the question on everyone's lips is: can I make a real cool-looking wizard or, like, some kind of really dopey one, or maybe one that looks like my nan, or Taylor Swift? That's it: can I make Taylor Swift save the world and sing Shake It Off whenever she brushes blood and viscera off her armour? That's what everyone's asking, anyway.

A BioWare livestream yesterday giving a good look at the character creator revealed the answer: sure, I guess, probably, if you want! And if you provide your own singing.

Skip to 6:20 in this archive of the stream to see a pair of BioWare chaps play around with making a male human then a female Qunari. Each character has sixty-odd variables to tweak, they say, from ear position and eye colour to cracked horns and broken noses. Surely that's enough variables to capture even someone as unique as Taylor.

That man-making ends 34:30, when they launch into 25 minutes of gameplay poking around some Dwarven ruins and beating up those poor lost Darkspawn. I didn't catch any major spoilers, but be warned etc.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is due to arrive on November 21. It'll have co-op multiplayer too, weirdly, but that did turn out quite fun in Mass Effect 3, didn't it?

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