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Build your own Roman city with this new citybuilder next year

Nova Roma, made by the Kingdoms And Castles devs

A pretty little Roman city in a Nova Roma screenshot.
Image credit: Hooded Horse

The Roman Empire may have fallen long ago but Rome has stood for almost three millenia. Think you can do better? Newly announced citybuilder Nova Roma will challenge you to start your own new Roman city away from the crumbling Empire, trying to not just survive but thrive, pleasing both your citizens and the gods. It's made by Lion Shield, the studio behind 2017's lovely medieval fantasy citybuilder Kingdoms And Castles. Check out Nova Roma's announcement trailer below!

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Nova Roma will challenge you to grow a sprawling city from a tiny village, building out, unlocking new technology, managing water flow in those impressive Roman ways, expanding into the countryside for resources, establishing laws, making edicts, dodging disasters, and keeping citizens entertained with luxury goods and games. Also, if the gods don't like what you're up to, they'll let you know with all the subtlety and proportion they are famed for. The publishers, Hooded Horse say you'll also face trouble from barbarians and "the jealous machinations of the old empire."

It's very pretty, this. And I do like Rome's mastery of water. It's neat to see a bigger, prettier citybuilder coming from Lion Shield after their debut.

In our Kingdoms And Castles review, Graham said K&C had "satisfying city building and beautiful city simulation", and "It's attractive enough that tinkering simply to make your town more attractive is almost an endgame in itself."

Creative director Pete Angstadt said in today's announcement, "We're building on everything we learned making Kingdoms And Castles and hope to create the best ancient roman-era city builder we can, set in a world informed by both history and mythology."

Nova Roma is coming to PC in 2024 via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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