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Bulkhead are offering refunds to all Battalion 1944 Kickstarter backers

Now known as Battalion: Legacy

Two soldiers run for cover in Battalion 1944 / Battalion: Legacy
Image credit: Splash Damage

Developers Bulkhead are now offering refunds to all Kickstarter backers who supported World War 2 FPS Battalion 1944, also known as Battalion: Legacy. The studio described the development process as an Icarus situation where the team “flew too close to the sun,” and “were unable to accomplish all the goals” that were laid out in the initial Kickstarter plans, leading to these refunds.

Bulkhead announced plans to refund players last year after cancelling the console ports, although all backers are eligible for a refund regardless of pledge tier, platform, or time played. No questions asked. Backers can find information on how to claim refunds via an email from the company.

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"When we launched the Battalion 1944 Kickstarter we set out to ‘recapture the core of classic multiplayer shooters,’” said Bulkhead CEO Joe Brammer, “That line connected us to our backers who financially supported our vision.” Brammer said the team's offering refunds because they “couldn’t fully deliver on all that we set out to do, most of all the release of the console version.”

Richard Jolly, the CEO of parent company Splash Damage, said: “Alongside Bulkhead we're not just committed to learning from these experiences, but also demonstrating it through action, and we believe this is what best respects the support and loyalty that the Battalion community has shown us.”

Alec Meer (RPS in peace) admiringly compared Battalion 1944 to the early Call Of Duties and Medal Of Honors, while noting some teething issues that the shooter faced in early access. Last year, Battalion 1944 received a major update to address many of those issues, alongside a name change to Battalion: Legacy, which is what the free-to-play shooter is now called on Steam.

Well, what’s next for Bulkhead? The team are currently working with Splash Damage on the upcoming Transformers: Reactivate, as well as another FPS called Wardogs, which doesn’t have any footage yet.

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