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Calico's cute new trailer shows off flying broomsticks and oh wow bear mounts

Bears bears bears

Magical girl cat cafe simulator Calico has lots of cats—orange cats and black cats and calico cats and cats big enough to ride like horses. Thanks to this new trailer in the Guerilla Collective showcase, I have now learned that it also has bears. I like cats, sure, but I really, really like bears. I cannot ride them or pick them up like stuffed animals in real life but I will definitely do both in Calico.

As one does in town sims, Calico puts you in charge of an old cat cafe turned animal shelter that needs some tender lovin' care. You'll meet the local magic folks, arrange your store, decorate cakes, and collect lots of cats (and some not cats) to live in the cafe.

I got to roam around an early version of the town at PAX West in 2019, picking up cats, moving some furniture about, and finding a missing black cat for shop owner Cat Witch Autumn. This new trailer's got a look at plenty more things I didn't get to touch. Most importantly: bears.

As with tiny cats, this new trailer shows your magical girl character getting to pick up some wee bears and wiggle them around. I imagine this means the little cubs might be able to live in my cafe too? Golly I hope so. Maybe I'll rebel and just make a bear cafe.

Along with tiny handheld bears, Calico has proper-sized bears that you can ride on the back of. Makes a bit more sense than the inexplicably large house cat mounts but, hey, both are great. And lookit that! The giant cats can swim with you on their backs.

Calico shows off a couple other bits aside from the big ride-able animal pals. You can spot your magical girl soaring about the top of a mountain on a flying broomstick and decorating cakes with some rainbow watercolor icing.

Calico is planning an autumn 2020 release window, though a specific date hasn't been chosen. You can find and wishlist it over on Steam until then.

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