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Huah! CoD: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Trial Weekend

Exosuits and shootguns

More than any Call of Duty in a long time, I fancy a crack at Advanced Warfare. I want to see how those exosuits and zany futuristic weapons shake up what was already a pretty fast for a modern FPS, but I'm not curious enough to splash out - strewth! - £40. Thankfully, the multiplayer side is free to play on Steam this weekend, so I'm downloading that now. One minor issue: the download is 36.5GB, so you might not have much time left to play by the time that's finished.

Something named 'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Multiplayer' should now be lurking in the depths of your Steam library, slipped in quieter than my uncle put pennies into my ear. You might think I'd notice something that large going into my lughole but nope, every time I was astonished when he pulled out a silvery ten pence piece.

The trial will end at 1pm PST (9pm UK time) on Sunday. Should you take a shine to the game, it's on sale until Monday afternoon too. A 25% discount brings Advanced Warfare down to £29.99 on Steam.

If you're out in the big wide world but have left your PC at home on, do remember you can log into your account on the Steam website to start a download remotely. This is the horrible part where I have to end the post and then a comments section will be shortly below this, full of people saying "I don't know what your problem is, Alice - my download only took an hour" OKAY THANK YOU.

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