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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 2 is now live

I hope you like zombies

Season two of Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone has landed, bringing with it a new Outbreak zombies mode, weapons, maps, Operators, and a generous helping of the undead horde to Verdansk. Of everything that's arrived, I look forward to hitting zombies with a snowmobile the most.

Set across multiple regions in the Ural Mountains, Cold War's Outbreak zombies mode sees you cut through swathes of the undead, but on a much bigger scale than its usual one-map affairs. You'll have objectives to complete, crates to loot, and vehicles to plough into zombies with. In the trailer below, there's a lovely looking forest area, but it's the ski-slopes which really get me going. Hoofing it down a frosty mountain on a snowmobile while spraying bullets really appeals to me.

Continuing the theme of zombies, Outbreak has also hit Warzone's map. In the build up to Season two, an ominous ship drew closer and closer to Verdansk. Now the season's live, it's become a new location called Shipwreck that's filled to the brim with zombies. Interestingly, and unlike other map locations, its name has been crossed through. I wonder if more locations will be overrun with zombies as the season progresses.

And you guessed it, there's yet another free trial. Anyone can hop into Cold War's Outbreak and multiplayer modes from today through to 4th March.

Elsewhere, there are two new weapons, Operators, and three new multiplayer modes. Of all of these, it's Gun Game that seems the most fun. A popular mode in other shooters, this sees you advance (or backtrack) through a set of fixed loadouts in a race to get through them all. Matches always end with a knife, so it should prove to be delightfully chaotic.

It wouldn't be a new launch of some form without performance issues, though. Treyarch announced on Twitter that they've already put live an update on PlayStation which fixes frame rate drops in Black Ops Cold War, and plans on bringing it to other platforms "ASAP".

There's more detail on the new weapons, Operators, and other tweaks on Raven Software's Season two patch notes page. And if you're chasing more wins in Verdansk, our best Warzone guns page has you covered.

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