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The best guns in Warzone: Season 6 best guns tier list

Our weapon tier list for the best guns in Warzone.

Want to know which are the best guns in Warzone? Knowing which guns sit at the very top of the current meta in Call Of Duty: Warzone is of vital importance. In a game with this many weapons, there will always be a wide power spread between the best and worst guns. While it's always fun to go off-meta, if you're looking to win you'll need the best guns you can get your hands on to keep up.

We’re here to help you improve your gameplay and work out which gun you should be using if you find yourself struggling against meta weapons. Just below you can peruse our tier list of the best Warzone guns, followed by our thoughts on each of the very best guns in the game - and the best part is it's all up-to-date and ready for Season 6!

The best Warzone guns in Season 6

With a stupendous arsenal of over 70 guns now available in Warzone, it can be rather daunting for new players, or even returning players, to dive back into the game and get a feel for the current weapons meta. Our Warzone weapon stats page is a good place to go if you're looking for hard damage, range, and handling data, but for those who just want to know which guns to prioritise picking up and kitting out, below you can see which guns we consider to be the strongest right now.

Here are the best Warzone guns:

  • XM4
  • EM2
  • AK-47 (Cold War)
  • FARA 83
  • OTs 9
  • MP5 (Cold War)
  • Bullfrog
  • Swiss K31
  • Kar98k
  • MG82

These S-tier guns are listed in no particular order. Each one is at the very top of the current meta as of Season 6 of Call Of Duty: Warzone, and you should be quite happy taking any of them to the end of a match as part of your bespoke Warzone loadout drop.

If you want to know how a different Warzone gun stacks up against the rest, then take a look below at our Warzone gun tier list.

Warzone guns tier list:

S-TierXM4, OTs 9, Bullfrog, AK-47 (CW), EM2, MP5 (CW), Swiss K31, Kar98k, MG82, FARA 83
A-TierTec-9, Krig 6, Grau, M4A1, CR-56 AMAX, FiNN, Grav, QBZ, Stoner, DMR-14, PPSh, ZRG, Bruen, MAC-10, AK-74u, MP5 (MW), MP7, CX-9, PKM
B-TierRPD, Nail Gun, LW3, FFAR, Groza, M13, RAM-7, M91, SA87, SP-R 208, CARV 2, AX-50, HDR, Kilo
C-TierFennec, FAL, Milano, AS VAL, Oden, Crossbow, Holger, AUG (MW), ISO, LC10, P90, SKS, MK2 Carbine, Type 63, AUG (CW), M16, Pellington
D-TierPP19 Bizon, Rytec AMR, Uzi, SCAR, KSP 45, Ironhide
F TierAN-94, FR 5.56, AK-47 (MW), M60, MG34, Striker 45, EBR, Dragunov

Now, let's talk in more detail about the S-Tier weapons in this table, which we consider to be the very best guns in Warzone.

A Warzone XM4 loadout


The XM4 has finally recovered from a harsh nerf in Season 4 and is once again one of the most powerful, flexible weapons in the game. While its recoil pattern still has more bounce than it once did, the XM4 maintains excellent DPS across all ranges. It has an excellent rate of fire, which makes it more forgiving than the EM2, plus great mobility stats for sniper support builds. Whether you want to use it up-close or across huge ranges, the XM4 will serve you well. The flexibility also makes it one of the best guns for Rebirth Island modes.

For a helping hand, check out our Warzone XM4 loadout guide!

The Cold War AK-47 in Warzone on a blank background.

AK-47 (Cold War)

The Cold War AK-47 has been one of the top sniper support weapons in Warzone for the entire Cold War era. This classic rifle has maintained top-tier damage through every season, alongside solid mobility and reasonable recoil. However, in Season 6 this old-school weapon is even competitive at long range. Previously, the AK-47’s sharp damage drop-off made it a poor choice for fights in large, open areas of the map. However, the last several balance patches have repeatedly reduced long-range damage on many of the most popular weapons. The AK can now hang with the likes of the XM4 and FARA at every range, making it one of the best overall weapons in Warzone in nearly all situations. Whether you’re on Verdansk or Rebirth Island, the AK-47 is practically the only gun you need.

We even have a best Warzone AK-47 loadout page to help you kit it out!

The EM2 rifle in Warzone


The EM2 is finally gaining the popularity it always deserved in Warzone. We’ve been singing this high-damage rifle’s praises since the beginning of Season 5, and more and more players are starting to see the light. The EM2’s damage per shot is just astronomically high relative to every other Assault Rifle. While the low rate of fire makes poor accuracy extra punishing, if you’re on target the EM2 is unparalleled. In the hands of a skilled player, the EM2 is one of the best long-range weapons in Warzone.

Visit our Warzone EM2 loadout guide to get the best build.

The FARA 83 AR in Warzone


Man, what a season for Assault Rifles. We weren’t kidding when we said this looks like one of Warzone’s healthiest metas ever. The FARA is our fourth S-tier rifle, and deservedly so. The FARA has some issues with handling speed, but its damage output is just so, so good at every range. Its recoil is bouncy but fairly easy to control with a little practice. Really, its only drawback is a low headshot multiplier that makes its best-case time-to-kill a touch lackluster. Your average time-to-kill, however, will be excellent.

If you're new to the weapon, check out our Warzone FARA loadout guide to learn more.

A Blueprint for the OTs 9 SMG in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded

OTs 9

SMGs in Season 6 look nearly as balanced as Assault Rifles, with three top-tier options that suit different playstyles. The OTs 9 remains one of those options, despite some recent nerfs. It has nearly identical damage and fire rate to the Cold War MP5. The MP5 also boasts better range, but you’re only going to feel the difference at ranges beyond what you should really be using these weapons for. These are the close-range kings of Season 6, and their differences lie mostly in peripheral stats. The OTs 9’s advantages are in mobility and handling. It has an ever-so-slightly faster ADS speed, and better movement speed. While the movement speed difference is small, you’ll really start to feel it with attachments like the Tiger Team Spotlight. If you want to zoom around Rebirth Island, the OTs 9 is the gun for you.

We have an awesome guide on the best Warzone OTs 9 loadout if you need ideas.

The Cold War MP5 in Call of Duty: Warzone

MP5 (Cold War)

The Cold War MP5, on the other hand, has the aforementioned range advantage alongside a larger magazine. While the MP5’s 50 rounds may not seem like a huge bonus over the OTs 9’s 40, it is profoundly impactful, especially in Trios and Squads. Both weapons will need around 8-10 hits to drop a fully armored foe at close range. We know that you, dear reader, would never miss a shot, but most players will. For them, those extra 10 rounds are often the difference between a clean squad wipe and an ill-timed reload resulting in an all-expenses-paid trip to the Gulag. Of course, the OTs 9’s mobility can often be the difference too. Your choice between the two should come down to your playstyle, and what stats compliment you most.

If you need help with the build, head over to our Warzone MP5 loadout guide.

The Bullfrog SMG in Warzone


The Bullfrog is more well-rounded than its S-Tier SMG compatriots, if also a bit weaker. It comes with some absolutely colossal magazines, including a maximum capacity of 85 rounds. Its recoil pattern is linear and easy to control. And a single headshot jumps its time-to-kill form average to great, if still not quite as fast as the MP5 and OTs. The Bullfrog also has excellent range for an SMG, making it a viable sniper support option. In the hands of the average player, the Bullfrog will be the most reliable SMG in Warzone.

Check out our Warzone Bullfrog loadout build, and make the most of this smooth-handling terror.

The Swiss K31 Sniper Rifle in Call of Duty: Warzone

Swiss K31

The Swiss K31 remains Warzone’s best Sniper Rifle, a title it’s held since practically the day it released. The Swiss has vastly superior ADS speed to almost every other Sniper, while also claiming the highest chest shot damage in the game. It does have lower bullet velocity, but a mobile, aggressive player isn’t going to feel that in 99% of their fights. That holds especially true if you’re playing Rebirth Island, which is just too small for the max bullet velocity of something like the LW3 - Tundra to matter. Unless you prefer perching on Verdansk rooftops for an entire game (and please, don’t do that), the Swiss K31 easily beats out every other Sniper Rifle in Warzone.

Learn how to build this beast with our guide to the best Swiss K31 loadout in Warzone!

A Kar98k loadout in Warzone


The Kar98k, while technically a Marksman Rifle, is the Swiss K31’s only real competition in most situations. It lacks the Swiss K31’s massive chest damage, but it does have a significantly faster ADS speed. If you want the Warzone equivalent to old-school Modern Warfare 2 quickscoping, the Kar98k is as close as you can get. The lower chest damage makes it a less-forgiving option than the Swiss, but if you have the precision to land those flick headshots, chest damage won’t matter one bit.

Check out our guide on how to build the best Kar98k in Warzone to help with this one.

An MG82 in Call of Duty


LMGs still struggle with mobility and reload speed in Warzone. However, a few of them have such excellent damage in Season 6 that you can easily justify the drawbacks. The MG82 epitomizes that group. This rapid-fire LMG simply melts targets. It can drop enemies faster than even an AK-47 up close and has enough range to beat many of the best Assault Rifles in longer-range fights. In terms of damage output, the MG82 has essentially no weaknesses. If you can get all that - plus a 100 round default magazine - and all it costs you is some mobility and handling, you take that trade with a smile.

Give our Warzone MG82 loadout a glance for the best setup.

And there you have it! Hopefully now you're a master of the Warzone weapons arsenal, and you're ready to put your newfound knowledge to the test. We've got loadout guides for both the Grav and Ironhide to get you ready for Season 6. Keep an eye on our Warzone hubfor more as Vanguard integration approaches later this year!

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