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Best guns in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded: a Warzone weapons tier list

Our weapon tier list for the best guns in Warzone.

Knowing the very best guns in Warzone is key to understanding why your matches are going the way they are. We’re here to help you improve your gameplay and work out which gun you should be using if you find yourself struggling in battles against enemies using meta weapons.

Just below you can peruse our tier list of the best Warzone guns, followed by our thoughts on each of the very best guns in the game.

Best Warzone guns tier list

S TierFARA 83, Krig 6, MP5 (MW), AK-47 (CW), Milano, Swiss K31, Kar98k, PKM
A TierC58, Grau, M4A1, CR-56 AMAX, MAC-10, OTs 9, MP5 (CW), ZRG, Stoner, Bruen, AK-74u, Bullfrog, MG82, MP7, DMR-14, LW3
B TierXM4, RPD, PPSh, Nail Gun, AS VAL, FFAR, Groza, M13, QBZ, RAM-7, FiNN, M91, SA87, Fennec, SP-R 208, CARV 2, AX-50, HDR
C TierFAL, Kilo, Oden, Crossbow, Holger, AUG (MW), ISO, LC10, P90, SKS, MK2 Carbine, Type 63, AUG (CW), M16, Pellington
D TierPP19 Bizon, Rytec AMR, Uzi, SCAR, KSP 45
F TierAN-94, FR 5.56, AK-47 (MW), M60, MG34, Striker 45, EBR, Dragunov

Now, let's talk in more detail about the S-Tier weapons in this table, which we consider to be the very best guns in Warzone:


The FARA 83 is one of the most flexible, fastest-killing Assault Rifles in Warzone. The high rate of fire makes it potent at any range, and the recoil is very controllable even after a nerf in Season 4 Reloaded. This weapon is really being slept on after the nerfs. It’s still very, very powerful, and will melt enemies in Warzone.

For a helping hand, check out our FARA loadout guide!

Krig 6

The Krig 6 can’t keep up with the FARA’s damage, but it has extremely low recoil and better range. No matter the distance, you can laserbeam opponents down with a Krig. This is perhaps the most consistent, reliable weapon in Warzone right now.

We have an awesome guide on the best Krig loadout for Warzone if you need ideas.

MP5 (Modern Warfare)

The Modern Warfare MP5 has been a good-to-great SMG for Warzone’s entire existence. After the far-reaching Season 4 Reloaded nerfs, it’s the best close-range weapon in the game. This gun has excellent time-to-kill, good mobility for a Modern Warfare weapon, and one of the best hipfire spreads in the game with the right setup. You can’t go wrong with this in your loadout.

This gun is really coming back into style, so check out our MP5 (MW) Warzone loadout for advice on how to kit it.

AK-47 (Cold War)

The Cold War AK-47 is the most powerful sniper support in Warzone right now. With a little recoil control and a lot of mobility in your build, you can compete with SMGs up close and take on long-range AR builds at mid-range. No one is going to want to challenge you with a Cold War AK in your hands.

We even have a best AK-47 loadout page to help you kit it out!


The Milano mimics the Krig’s reliability in the SMG category. It does very well at close range and can be built to make an excellent sniper support. With low recoil and consistent damage, the Milano is an incredibly flexible SMG. Just keep an eye on Raven Software’s patch notes; a listed nerf apparently went unapplied and will knock the Milano down a peg if it’s eventually implemented.

Check out our best Milano loadout in Warzone guide for more tips on the best build for this gun!

Swiss K31

Don’t let the Swiss K31’s small frame fool you; this is the highest-damaging Sniper Rifle in Warzone. It doesn’t quite have the bullet velocity for the most extreme ranges, but with great ADS speed and high chest damage, it doesn’t matter. If you’re playing at more standard ranges, moving around the map, the Swiss K31 is the best Sniper Rifle in Warzone.

Learn how to build this beast with our guid to the best Swiss K31 loadouts!


The Kar98k is the Swiss K31’s snappier cousin. While it’s classified as a Marksman Rifle, the Kar98k performs more like a quick-handling Sniper. Its lower chest damage makes it less forgiving than the Swiss, but that excellent ADS time makes it easier to fend off closer foes. Either weapon is an excellent choice for mobile sniping in Warzone.

Check out our guide on how to build the best Kar98k for Warzone to help with this one.


The PKM has been pretty good for over a year but was rarely exceptional. After Season 4 Reloaded hit many other LMGs and long-range ARs with a nerf though, it’s very competitive in the meta. Out of the box, the PKM will give you low recoil, a huge magazine, and great time-to-kill at any range. If you want to lay down some serious fire on your enemies, the PKM is the gun for you.

Check out our PKM loudout build, and make the most of this killer LMG.

An operator fights off zombies in COD Cold War's Outbreak mode.

And there you have it! Hopefully now you're a master of the Warzone weapons arsenal, and you're ready to put your newfound knowledge to the test. But in case you're still hungering for tips and stats, be sure to check out our our guides to the best Warzone loadouts and all the War Tracks you can play in your Warzone vehicle.

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