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Best guns in Warzone: a Warzone weapons tier list

Our weapon tier list for the best guns in Warzone.

Knowing the very best guns in Warzone is super important to understanding why your matches are going the way they’re going. We’re here to help you improve your gameplay and work out which gun you should be using if you find yourself struggling in battles against enemies using the meta weapons. So, here’s our picks for the best Warzone guns tier list.

Here is our Warzone weapon tier list, which contains all primary weapons from both Modern Warfare and Cold War.

S TierCR-56 AMAX, AUG (Cold War), FFAR 1, Grau 5.56, Kar98k, LW3 - Tundra, MAC-10, PKM
A TierAN-94, AS VAL, AUG (Modern Warfare), Bruen Mk9, Bullfrog, DMR 14, HDR, Kilo 141, LC10, M13, M16, M4A1, MP5 (both versions), MP7, Oden, RAM-7, SP-R 208, Stoner 63, Uzi
B TierAK-74u, Crossbow, FAL, FiNN, M91, PP19 Bizon, Type 63, XM4
C TierAK-47 (both versions), AX-50, Fennec, FN Scar 17, Krig 6, Milano 821, RPD
D TierFARA 83, Groza, Holger-26, M60, M91, MG34, P90, Pelington 703, QBZ-83, SKS
E TierDragunov, EBR-14, FR 5.56, ISO, KSP-45, M82, MK2 Carbine, Rytec AMR, SA87, Striker 45

Now, let's talk in more detail about the S-Tier weapons in this table, which we consider to be the very best guns in Warzone.

CR-56 AMAX (S-Tier)

Want a gun that’ll destroy foes from absolutely miles away? Fancy destroying tangos with the power of a thousand furious wasps? Well, the CR-56 AMAX is the weapon for you. It’s amazing at longer ranges, and can help you utterly dominate if you pair it with a close range gun like the FFAR 1 or MAC-10.

For a helping hand, check out our CR-56 AMAX loadout guide too!

AUG - Cold War (S-Tier)

The Cold War AUG is a 3-round burst weapon which deals a ludicrous amount of damage and at time of writing is well and truly leading the meta. This thing shreds, plain and simple, and that’s why you see seemingly everyone running this weapon. Even when it gets inevitably nerfed, the AUG will likely remain powerful regardless, so try it out if you haven’t used it yet.

There’s even an RPS guide on the best AUG loadout for Warzone too!

FFAR 1 (S-Tier)

Want an assault rifle that arguably removes the need for an SMG? Well, here you go. The FFAR 1 has a completely ridiculous time-to-kill, and kitting it out for quick strafe speed means you can essentially dodge bullets when they’re flying at you to win firefights even more easily. What a treat.

Again, this is a gun a whole lot of people have been using, so check out our FFAR 1 Warzone loadout for advice on how to kit it.

Grau 5.56 (S-Tier)

I love the Grau 5.56. It’s so accurate at long range that regardless of any issues it may have with regards to damage output, the almost complete lack of recoil more than balances it out. Maybe you struggle to hit all your shots with the CR-56 AMAX? Perhaps accuracy is more important than raw power? Well regardless, the Grau is a fantastic weapon that I’ll never get tired of.

We even have a best Grau loadout page to help you kit it out!

Kar98k (S-Tier)

Sniping is a tough game. If you’re camping the top of a skyscraper in Warzone, then a longer-range gun with better bullet velocity might help a tad more, but for the more aggressive (and in my opinion, fun) style of play, the Kar is undefeated. Lightning quick ADS time and one-shot headshots are a brutal combination, and pairing the gun up with something to switch to and follow up means you’ll be sorted at almost all ranges.

Check out our best Kar98k loadout in Warzone for more tips on the best build for this gun!

LW3 - Tundra (S-Tier)

Speaking of camping the top of a skyscraper, this is the longer-range gun I was talking about. If you have an affinity to the HDR or something then by all means keep using it. The LW3 - Tundra is the sniper with the fastest bullet velocity if you want it though, so for the true hardscopers out there, give it a go - it might just become your new fave.

MAC-10 (S-Tier)

This thing has the most ridiculous fire rate I ever did see. The MAC-10 is the quintessential SMG, and whilst it controls a bit more erratically than the ever-reliable MP5s or MP7, those of you who can deal with the recoil patterns will be well rewarded by using this weapon. It’s got super speedy mobility, lightning quick time-to-kill, and holds up surprisingly well at medium range when you get the recoil under wraps.

Check out our guide on how to build the best MAC-10 loadout for Warzone to help with this one.

PKM (S-Tier)

After the nerf of the once-dominant LMG, the Bruen, the venerable PKM was more than ready to step up and take the mantle of the best LMG. It’s no frills to be honest - you get exactly what you expect from the PKM - high damage, low recoil, slow mobility. If this sounds like it matches your playstyle, then the PKM is for you.

Check out our PKM loudout build, and make the most of this killer LMG.

An operator fights off zombies in COD Cold War's Outbreak mode.

And there you have it! Hopefully now you're a master of the Warzone weapons arsenal, and you're ready to put your newfound knowledge to the test. But in case you're still hungering for tips and stats, be sure to check out our our guides to the best Warzone loadouts and all the War Tracks you can play in your Warzone vehicle.

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