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Best Cold War AK-47 loadout and class setup in Call of Duty: Warzone

Here's how to make the best AK-47 loadout in Warzone

Looking for the best AK-47 loadout in Warzone?The Cold War AK-47 has been the best close to mid-range Assault Rifle in Warzone for a while now. This high-powered gun has absolutely mammoth damage output, only surpassed by more limited guns like the AS VAL. Even after the Season 4 Reloaded nerfs it’s still the best sniper support AR in the game. However, the ideal build has undergone a few revisions. If you need to get caught up on the new meta, we’re here to help with our guide to the best Cold War AK-47 loadout in Warzone.

Best AK-47 loadout in Warzone

The CW AK has a pretty major damage dropoff at range, but it is unbelievably powerful up close. This is the near-uncontested best sniper support in Warzone, and there are a few different ways to piece it together. The trick is to balance mobility against your personal recoil control skills.

Here's the best AK-47 loadout in Warzone:

  • Muzzle: GRU Suppressor
  • Underbarrel: Bruiser Grip
  • Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight
  • Stock: KGB Skeletal Stock
  • Ammunition: 45 Round Magazine

This build is optimized for mobility, which is key to close-range engagements in Warzone. A GRU Suppressor will keep you off of radar and give you a damage range boost. You should primarily be fighting in close quarters with this weapon, but a bit of extra range is a big help in the occasional mid-range fight. Everything else is geared towards speed. The Tiger Team Spotlight and Raider-equivalent KGB Skeletal Stock are the standard pair for high-mobility loadouts. Adding in a Bruiser Grip kicks the mobility to another level, and makes up for some of the Skeletal Stock’s hipfire penalty. Finally, we’ve gone with a 45 Round Magazine. The AK-47 is a slower firing weapon that can get by without maximum magazine size. You can avoid the handling penalties of larger magazines by going with the 45 Round here.

The close-range Cold War AK is surprisingly flexible. Some players will trade either the Bruiser Grip or Tiger Team Spotlight for a Liberator Barrel to get a bit of recoil control. You can also swap the GRU Suppressor for a standard Suppressor or Liberator Barrel to improve handling speed while retaining bullet velocity. Alternatively, you can trade one of those attachments for a GRU Elastic Wrap to get a huge bump in ADS speed. You can even pick up a Spetznaz Grip to suppress recoil further. More than most Assault Rifles in Warzone, you can tweak the Cold War AK-47 until it feels right to you. No matter what, it will shred enemies up close.

Secondary weapon

The double AR meta, in which players paired a long-range Assault Rifle with a Cold War AK instead of an SMG, has gone somewhat out of fashion. If you enjoy that playstyle though, it’s still completely viable. These days, however, it’s more common to use the CW AK with a Sniper Rifle. The Swiss K31 and Kar98k are popular run-and-gun choices. If you prefer more traditional, stationary sniping, go with a ZRG. If none of these fit your playstyle, check out our guide to the best Sniper Rifles in Warzone for more ideas.

Now you’re an AK-47 expert and ready to jump into the game! If you're looking for more info on the current meta, check out our best guns in Warzone tier list. You can also catch up on the Season 5 Perk changes with our complete Perk rankings guide!

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