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Best Kar98k loadout and class setup in Warzone Pacific

The best loadout for this classic bolt-action rifle

Looking for the best Kar98k loadout in Warzone Pacific? In an effort to give everyone a bit of déja-vu, Warzone offers two different variants of the Kar98k. The Modern Warfare Kar is a Marksman Rifle that is actually one of the best snipers in the game, while the newer Vanguard variant is an actual Sniper Rifle that is built to crack skulls across Caldera. Luckily for you, we've managed to cut through the confusion and found the best Kar98k loadout in Warzone Pacific for both types.

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Best Kar98k loadout in Warzone Pacific

Using the Kar98k, you’ll want to kit yourself out for speed and range. To this end, we’ve got a delicious loadout that absolutely destroys the competition when sniping aggressively. Don’t expect to get that near-hitscan bullet velocity at all ranges you’ll see with the ZRG or LW3 - Tundra, but the Kar98k more than makes up for this with its amazing handling.

Here's the best Kar98k loadout in Warzone Pacific:

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: Singuard Custom 27.6”
  • Laser: Tac Laser
  • Optic: Sniper Scope
  • Stock: FTAC Sport Comb

The Monolithic Suppressor should always be on your weapon. It boosts your range and suppresses your gun’s noise, taking you off the enemy minimaps and keeping your damage high at range. An easy choice.

The Singuard Custom 27.6” is the longest barrel available for the Kar98k, and the boosts it gives you to bullet velocity and range help massively when using this gun. It’s a little harsh on your mobility, but we’ll deal with that later.

The Tac Laser boosts your aim-down-sights speed significantly. The drawback of having a visible laser isn’t even that bad, since you should be aiming, shooting, and moving on as quickly as possible. If your enemy can work out your position in the time it takes to do that, you need to start firing faster.

You can’t snipe with the Kar98k without a Sniper Scope. Pretty self-explanatory - without it you’ll be unable to aim at all. For those of you struggling to unlock it, grind a little in Multiplayer or Plunder, when kill-death ratios don’t matter as much.

Finally, we’re boosting that ADS speed once more with the FTAC Sport Comb stock. You’ll have to be careful as it reduces aiming stability, but if you’re able to snap onto your targets then the fastest possible build is perfect here.

Best Vanguard Kar98k loadout in Warzone Pacific

This Kar98k functions very differently, with much slower handling speed compared to the Modern Warfare Kar. However, the bullet velocity is higher with this Vanguard loadout, making it a bit easier to snipe enemies from afar.

Here's the best Vanguard Kar98k loadout in Warzone Pacific:

  • Muzzle: SD Silencer
  • Barrel: VDD REO2K
  • Underbarrel: M1930 Strife Angled
  • Optic: None
  • Magazine: None
  • Ammunition: Lengthened
  • Grip: Polymer Grip
  • Stock: VDD Thumbhole
  • Proficiency: Shrouded
  • Kit: Fully Loaded

As mentioned above, silencers are essential for almost every Warzone Pacific loadout. With this Kar98k loadout, you should equip the SD Silencer to suppress your shots and help you hide while firing. The Shrouded proficiency is also important when trying to stay hidden, as it removes your scope glint from certain angles so that enemies can't find you straight away. The SD Silencer also gives you an accuracy boost, which certainly comes in handy when shooting across the map. The VDD REO2K, VDD Thumbhole and M1930 Strife Angled will further increase your accuracy and aiming stability, giving you much less scope sway when aiming down sights.

The VDD Thumbhole also improves your flinch resistance. When combined with the Polymer Grip, which makes it even easier to deal with flinch, you should be able to stay focused on your enemy and pop off with startling precision, even when shots are flying at your face.

While the VDD REO2K does increase your accuracy as mentioned above, it also greatly increases the speed of your shots. Bullet velocity makes your shots travel faster so that it's easier to snipe enemies in the distance. You can increase bullet velocity even further by using the Lengthened ammo type, which is a crucial part of the current Warzone Pacific meta.

We've chosen not to opt for a specific magazine in this Kar98k loadout, but we do recommend equipping the Fully Loaded kit. This will keep you locked, stocked, and ready to kill with max ammo when you grab your loadout.

Another element you may notice missing is the optic. Since this Kar98k is actually classed as a Sniper Rifle, rather than the Marksman Rifle from Modern Warfare, it already comes with an excellent scope that we found perfect for picking out targets and cracking skulls. Of course, feel free to change it up if you personally prefer something else.

Secondary Weapons

You’ll want a solid weapon to support both Kar98k loadouts at closer ranges. I enjoy a mid/close range Assault Rifle, and the Cold War AK-47 and XM4 are really strong. You could also try the STG44, Cooper Carbine, or Automaton if you want to use some of the new weapons. You can always bring along an SMG like the Bullfrog, MP40, or M1928 if you want something better-suited to close-range encounters.

Now you’re a Kar98k expert, why not check out more of our Warzone guides? Get caught with our full Perk rankings. You can lock in on the new meta with our best Warzone loadouts guide and Warzone weapons tier list too.

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