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Best XM4 loadout and class setup in Call of Duty: Warzone

The best long- and close-range XM4 loadouts for Warzone.

Want to get your hands on the best XM4 loadout in Warzone Pacific? The XM4 has had a very up and down year in Warzone. It is one of the most-changed guns of the Cold War era, and has dipped in and out of the meta a few times in 2021. In Season 6, however, it is the best it has ever been. If you want to give the XM4 a go in these dying days of Cold War, you're in the right place. This XM4 loadout guide will walk you through the best builds and class setups for the XM4.

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Best long-range XM4 loadout in Warzone

The XM4 is very solid at long-range. Its bodyshot DPS is on the low end, but a decent headshot multiplier and fantastic neck-shot multiplier keep its time-to-kill in a great spot. Here’s how to put it together:

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel: Task Force Barrel
  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Ammunition: STANAG 60 Round

You need the Agency Suppressor on pretty much all of your guns. You can stay off the radar and increase your range values all in one fell swoop. Of course, there’s a slight mobility penalty but that’s nothing compared to the benefits. The Task Force Barrel is the go-to for long-range AR builds, as it provides the biggest bullet velocity and damage range increases. You can go with a Ranger Barrel instead to boost your handling and mobility, but you will lose the damage range and recoil bonuses from the Task Force, which the XM4 sorely needs. The Field Agent Grip is a great underbarrel choice, as it noticeably reduces recoil magnitude and makes it a whole lot easier to stay accurate at long ranges. We like the Axial Arms 3x as the zoomed opitc, as it has the cleanest sight picture. Some players prefer the Royal and Kross 4x though, so use whatever feels best in your hands. In your fifth and final slot, use a 60 Round Mag to ensure you can fight entire teams without having to reload.

If you have the recoil under control, you can try swapping the Field Agent Grip for an Airborne Elastic Wrap to boost that ADS speed. Alternatively, try a Ranger Barrel. You'll lose a bit of damage range and recoil control, but you will regain some mobility and ADS speed.

Secondary weapon

Most players will run a long-range Assault Rifle like this in tandem with an SMG. Both MP5s and the MAC-10 are popular choices at the moment. The OTs 9 also works very nicely. For other possibilities, check out our guide to the best SMGs in Warzone!

Best sniper support XM4 loadout

The XM4 can’t compete with the damage of the Cold War AK-47 at sniper support range, however, it does have excellent mobility. With this build, you will have base and sprint movement speeds better than most ARs, and on par with the CW AK. Plus, the ADS movement speed is even better. Here’s how to build it out:

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Laser:Tiger Team Spotlight
  • Stock: Raider Stock
  • Underbarrel: Bruiser Grip
  • Ammunition: STANAG 60 Round

The Agency Suppressor is still great on a close-range build, as the stats it provides for a single attachment slot are just too valuable to pass up. Its mobility penalties don’t mean much when you mix in the Tiger Team Spotlight and Raider Stock combo. These two attachments give you incredible mobility and are meta-shapers for sniper supports right now. The Bruiser Grip pushes the mobility even farther and makes up for some of the lost hipfire accuracy from the Raider Stock. Finally, we still like the 60 Round Magazine on this faster firing AR, but you can go with the 45 Rounder for better handling if you prefer.

If you want improved handling speeds, swap the Agency Suppressor for a standard Suppressor, or trade the Bruiser Grip in for an Airborne Elastic Wrap. You can also replace the Bruiser with a Ranger Barrel to get a bit of recoil control and bullet velocity. You can get away with a 45 Round Magazine too, but we prefer the full 60. Make sure you hang onto your Tiger Team and Raider combo though; that’s where the money’s at on sniper support builds.

Secondary weapon

For your Sniper Rifle, we recommend a Swiss K31 or Kar98k. If you prefer to sit still overlooking longer sightlines though, use a ZRG. If you’re looking for other options, head on down to our guide to the best Sniper Rifles in Warzone!

There you go - all you need to know about the XM4 in Warzone! We have more guides on COD though, including all the best guns in Warzone, best loadouts in Warzone, and best Perks in Warzone to get you caught up on the meta. If you're looking for a break from ARs, check out our guide to the best LMGs in Warzone too!

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