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Call Of Duty: Warzone and Cold War reveal season one battle pass rewards

Stitch is on the list

Call Of Duty is kicking off season one for both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone on Wednesday, which means you'll also have a new battle pass of rewards to rip into. It's 100 tiers of guns and other goodies starting off with that new operator Stitch. Activision have revealed a bunch of the in-game items you'll earn in season one with a new trailer.

As is the battle pass way, you'll get a few freebie items by playing during the season, though the bulk of rewards are yours when you choose to pay for the season one battle pass. On the freebie side you've got two new guns: the Mac-10 SMG at tier 15 and the Groza Assault Rifle at tier 31. Higher up the ladder is a the "base jumper" skin for Russell Adler at tier 90.

On the paid side are a handful of unlocks at Tier 0 including the new operator Stitch, a skin and mission for Adler, a watch, and a season-long XP boost. You can catch the rundown of a bunch of other rewards in Activision's post.

Over in Warzone-specific territory, we know for sure that COD's battle royale is getting a new map in season one called Rebirth Island. Warzone is also getting a new mode called Resurgence and a shakeup to your visits to the Gulag. Meanwhile, Cold War multiplayer is getting eight new maps, and Zombies mode is getting a holiday limited time event.

You'll be able to check it all out yourself when COD season one launches on Wednesday, December 16th.

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