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Call Of Duty: Warzone shows of new map coming to Cold War Season 1

A proper look at Rebirth Island

We already knew that Rebirth Island was the new map arriving in Call Of Duty: Warzone on December 16th, and now in a new trailer we get a proper look at it. That's not all, though, because COD Warzone and Black Ops Cold War's first season introduces a new game mode, a new zombies event, new weapons, operators and a bunch more.

Rebirth Island will be Warzone's first new map since launch, and I reckon it looks a wee bit smaller than the current Verdansk map. Warzone is also getting a new mode named Resurgence, though Treyarch haven't revealed exactly what it consists of just yet. It's also getting new weapons and operators, as well as a "new Gulag experience", which simply a new Gulag in which to 1v1 your enemies.

Season 1 is a lovely joint event with Black Ops Cold War, too, so the newer game has its own share of nice new things on the way. Those include a Christmas limited-time event for Zombies, as well as new challenges, 2-player split-screen and a bunch of cosmetics. Then, Blops Cow is adding tons of multiplayer maps, such as The Pines (6v6), Raid (6v6), Nuketown ’84 Holiday (6v6), Game Show (2v2), Sanatorium (Fireteam), and more.

Treyarch are still pretty light on the exact details of Season 1, but it lands in just a few days so I'm sure we'll find out more soon.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 1 is set to arrive on December 16th. As well as coming to Blops Cow and Warzone, this season will also hit Modern Warfare.

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