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Call Of Duty: Warzone fires back at cheaters with mandatory 2FA

Free fire zone

Call Of Duty: Warzone has a cheating problem. That much is clear. And like many other free-to-play games, part of that problem is that bans don't mean much when you can fire up a new account in seconds. To stop these particular miscreants from popping up again and again, Warzone has introduced mandatory 2FA on all new free accounts on PC.

Infinity Ward posted the security update earlier this week, requiring new F2P accounts to set up two-factor authentication on their phones before jumping into Verdansk.

Right now, this requirement is only in effect on PC. It's not that console Call Of Duty isn't free from cheating itself, but the seemingly overwhelming mass of cheaters on PC has started pushing PS4 and Xbox players away from cross-play altogether. Come on, y'all. You're letting the side down.

2FA isn't required (but still encouraged) if you're already shelled out for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, either - the thinking there being that you've gotta be a pretty committed cheater to keep sinking upwards of 40 quid into new accounts every time you're caught.

Account verification is only the latest tactic being employed by Infinity Ward to try and clamp down on Warzone's cheating problem. Last month, Warzone started bunging suspected cheaters together in matchmaking, with the assumption that being chucked in with up to 150 other cheaters is probably a sobering learning experience. That update also helped encourage reporting by giving you a nice little in-game update whenever someone you suspected of hacking wound up banned.

If you're looking for more legitimate ways to dominate Verdansk, Ollie's put together a great arsenal of Call Of Duty: Warzone tips down in the guides armoury.

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