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Call Of Duty: Warzone will force cheaters to cheat each other

A special circle of hell

Don't worry, Warzone, it's totally natural for free-to-play battle royales of your size to have these growing pains. As with just about any competitive game, Call Of Duty: Warzone cheaters have been diligently looking for ways to game the game to victory. In order to preserve some semblance of fair competition for the rest of us, Infinity Ward say they'll be throwing suspected cheaters into their own lobbies away from the rest of us.

It's no surprise that Warzone has attracted a crop of cheaters. It's competitive and free, making it low risk and high reward—if ill-gotten wins are indeed a reward. To each their own, I suppose. So far, Infinity Ward have issued over 70,000 bans worldwide but that hasn't been enough. Console players have apparently been fleeing the dangerous waters of cross-play to escape us PC folk, willing to suffer longer queue times to be free of suspected aimbot hackers. Granted, that still leaves our non-cheater PC friends in the lurch.

Infinity Ward announced further measures they're imposing this week to cut back on cheating, or at least to get offenders out of everyone else's hair. Possibly biggest among them is that suspected cheaters will be matched with one another.

IW will also give a confirmation notice to players who have reported a cheater when the suspected account is banned. That seems like a nice boost, knowing that something came of your frustration instead of wondering if your complaint floundered at the bottom of a stack of reports. As for how to report them, IW say they'll soon be adding the ability to report a player from your killcam or spectate mode. Handy, as seeing another player's screen is a much surer way to suspect someone of hacking than just seeing them from afar.

IW aren't the first to take this tack with cheaters. Respawn have done the same, matching Apex legends cheaters together, while other games have grouped bad sports and jerks in their own lobbies as well. I'm not so sure it's actually an effective rehabilitation measure, but perhaps if it puts some red tape between the aimbots and my pals it's good enough.

If you need some help once you're on a level playing field, we've got you sorted with these Call Of Duty: Warzone tips.

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