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Call Of Duty: Warzone has nerfed the Bruen a bit, which shouldn't be a surprise

So long, murder champion!

A wee balance patch has dropped into Call Of Duty: Warzone (and Modern Warfare too, obvs), with the most notable change a nerf of an all-round super-murder machinegun, the Bruen Mk9. With a cut to its damage range, maybe it's back down closer to regular-murder status. A few other weapons got tweaked too: the FAL, M91, and Holger-26. And some bugs got fixed. Not a giant patch, but one you'll want to know about to inform your murderplans.

Yesterday's patch notes explain a few fixes and the Bruen nerf, though it's a little vague so it'll take some testing and time to internalise precisely what "reduced damage range" means for your murders. The other tweaks: the M91 gets increased close-range damage and aim-down-sights speed; the Holger-26 has an increased damage range and ADS speed; and the FAL gets extra headshot damage ("2 hit at range with 1 headshot," Infinity Ward say) but reduced near damage ("limbs and lower torso always 3 shot").

"The secret to the Bruen's success in my mind is the 60 Round Mags, which drastically increases ADS speed, movement speed, and reload speed – allowing us to justify the use of the Monolithic Suppressor and 26.8" barrel, to extend the gun's effective range into sniper territory," our best Warzone loadouts guide explained only last week. "The ace in my pocket always used to be the PKM – the gun that no one seemed to realise was absolutely incredible when kitted out correctly. Now, the Bruen has superseded it in almost every way. Give it a try; you may be very pleasantly surprised."

Yep, sounds like it was a problem. But what's the hot new killer now, Ollie? Do tell, chop chop.

This is the first of the two fixy patches Infinity Ward recently said were coming. The other, according to senior communications manager Ashton Williams earlier this week, will fix "the graphical corruption issue with weapons, the 'Play Again' option not working, and more." She said, "I don't have an ETA just yet, but we'll share more details when we're all set."

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