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Call Of Duty: Warzone getting a whole new WW2-themed map, rumours claim

That's supposedly much larger than Verdansk

It's E3 season and rumours are flying all over the place like a bunch of, err, Spitfires. Among them, Call Of Duty: Vanguard, the rumoured World War 2-themed next instalment of the big shooty-bang, and the possibility of a new Warzone map arriving alongside its launch later this year. I am cautiously excited.

Rumours earlier this year claimed that the next Call Of Duty is set in World War 2 and named Vanguard. According to new Vanguard rumours reported by VGC yesterday, it may be getting an entirely new WW2-themed Warzone map, planned to release alongside the game later this year - not months later like 1980s Verdansk. Supposedly, it'll be "significantly larger" than Verdansk and may feature new vehicles to help players scoot around it.

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Of course, let's take this news with a huge pinch of salt. But if we imagine this to be totally true for a second, I'm once again on board with it. The wait for a reworked Verdansk felt like an age, and even then, it's only been reworked. Yes, I like that it's more colourful and the new locations are nice, but I really do feel like a totally fresh murder arena has been long overdue.

And let's just imagine for a second that Vanguard's supposed WW2 arsenal gets integrated into Warzone like Blops before it. The game would have so many guns, which surely wouldn't be easy to balance. Maybe they'd do a Fortnite and start vaulting certain weapons? I mean, they did a Fortnite before so it's not out of the realm of possibility.

According to the same report, Vanguard could be revealed in an in-game event in Warzone, just like it did with Black Ops Cold War last year. I liked the Blops reveal, where I had to complete some objectives, then leg it to the Stadium in a blind panic as a nuke ticked down. So I'm very much up for something similar, they're always a fun time.

And in one final flourish, VGC confirmed with Activision that Warzone's Season 4 reveal trailer will premiere during Summer Game Fest stream this evening. I sense the magic red doors approaching.

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