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Call Of Duty: Warzone adds Rambo and Nakatomi Plaza

Sir, do we get to win this time?

It's been a while since Call Of Duty: Warzone was blasted into the 1980s, and there's no letting up with the theme. To mark the game's Season 3 Reloaded update, grizzled 80s action heroes Rambo and John McClane are dropping into Verdansk tonight, along with some new map locations too.

Warzone is basically doing a Fortnite but for dads in their late 30s (and me), so I suppose it was inevitable Rambo and John McClane would rock up in Warzone eventually. And if you'd like to play as either of them, you can spend some real money on their operator bundles. You'll get to play as a very sweaty Sylvester Stallone or a bruised cop, and unlock some alright-looking weapon skins.

Cover image for YouTube video80s Action Heroes Trailer | Season Three | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone™

But really, the highlight's the new limited-time locations coming to Verdansk. In Downtown they've replaced the Broadcast Tower and surrounding blocks with the Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard. It also features optional missions you can complete for rewards like defusing C4 on the roof or thwarting an arms deal. The announcement even mentions being able to escape with the vault's riches if you can find the keys.

Ten Rambo-themed camps have also been popped into Verdansk. They contain decent loot and dog tags of fallen comrades. Apparently, if we collect enough of these tags, there's "an even greater reward" in store. How mysterious.

An image of Die Hard's Nakatomi Tower in Warzone, and just off to the side, a player aims down a sniper rifle, while another looks through some binoculars behind them.
A look at Nakatomi Plaza.

And finally, one of the aircraft hangars in the northwest part of Verdansk has been converted into a CIA Outpost. Again, there's an optional mission which involves "searching for any identification of fallen soldiers" to call in some "air reinforcements".

This is the first time Warzone's added a slew of new locations mid-season and I'm really into it. Sure, new guns and operators are okay, but having entirely new spots adds far more incentive to drop in each night with mates. These new optional missions also sound fun to complete, and should make Verdansk feel a bit more dynamic, as opposed to a static battlefield with the usual stuff to do and shoot.

There's a host of other additions with this Warzone mid-season update, including a new Warzone game mode called Power Grab, some new weapons, and Killstreaks. For more info on these, the Call Of Duty blog has you covered.

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