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Call of Duty: WW2 is real, obvs

Who is Robert Gunnington?

Cor blimey, love a duck, and stone the crows: Activision have announced that the next Call of Duty game will be Call of Duty: WWII [official site]. Their official announcement says about as much as the leak which gave this away four weeks ago. Another supposed leak has sprung with unconfirmed babbling about unsurprising things like D-Day and a co-op mode. But what's most important is that ↑ teaser artwork up there. What's going on with the man we shall assume is named Robert Gunnington?

Activision's page has that picture of Robert along with a countdown to a "worldwide reveal livestream" at 6pm on Wednesday, April 26th.

CoD fansite Charlie Intel has some snaps of what's supposedly leaked Australian marketing materials pegging the game for a November 3rd release. The gubbins gabs about visiting Normandy D-Day and jaunting across iconic battles, as well as a co-op mode with "a new and original story". That co-op is called a "next-level standalone game experience" (next-level!) but the description's vague enough that it could describe just about anything. None of that is confirmed, though none would be surprising.

No, for cold hard facts we're only got Robert Gunnington. And... Pip noticed a hint of something reflected in his pupils:

Go a bit closer and we see shapes which might be a couple fellas and their dog staring at a road sign. Let's go closer:

Or a crucifixion? Probably not. We'll need heavy-duty technology for this. I turned to the Deep Dream Generator and uncovered startling truths reflected in that pupil:

Do you see? Taxis, orangutans, dimetrodons, and laboratory equipment. We'll find out on Wednesday how that all fits into World War 2.

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