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Call of Duty: WW2 trailer shows off, y'know, WW2 stuff

This means war

A month after word of its existence leaked, today we have our first peek at Call of Duty: WW2 [official site]. At a livestreamed mega-reveal-o-world-first-a-exclusive-y-shoot-o-bang-a-blowout, developers Sledgehammer Games and publishers Activision have shown the first trailer. It looks pretty fun! Has all those scenes from the WW2 movies. Lots of explosions and shouting. The event is still ongoing but seems mostly to consist of men saying "visceral" and pretending the game is serious historical documentation. I can't take this anymore. Look, I'll drop this trailer here then be on my way.

Watch on YouTube

It is a fancy trailer.

Here's your official blurb on the story:

"Call of Duty: WWII focuses on the actions of a squad from 1944 to 1945, but will also touch on events from 1940 to 1944 to help set the stage for the narrative and establish the characters. It takes place in the European theater of conflict, at a time when the Allied forces were finally starting to gather strength on their march into Germany. You and your squad will fight your way through occupied France, Belgium, and across the Rhine into Germany."

Apparently it'll occasionally peer through the eyes of other folks, including a woman in the French resistance.

As for multiplayer, it'll bring a new asymmetric map-capturing mode, a new custom class system, a virtual social space to hang out with the lads, and a new co-op mode with Nazi Frankensteins or something.

Look at this car park for lads to hang around:

And this Frankenstein's dad:

Go read the announcement or VG247's preview or oh god this livestream is too much. Brendan says he's counted six instances of "visceral" so far. Enough.

The game's due November 3rd on Steam.

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