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Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger Trailer #23134

Time is a meaningless construct. A philosophically confusing frame that demeans our very existence when we acknowledge it. Destroy your clocks and watches, they are prisons, trapping you in a mental cells! Stop being tools of the elite chronologistia, and allow yourself to be free. Let's not consider the seconds ticking off, falling like dandruff on the shoulder of life; the minutes that build up and up and up until the dam breaks and we all get covered in sticky time juice; the hours that segment our day but lazily repeat, not even having the common decency to go up to 24; the days that.. ooh, today's Wednesday! That means Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger is out! Hooray for time and dates. And hooray for acknowledging Call Of Juarez: Juarez's launch with a new trailer on that very day! There's 4 minutes of footage, which covers everything that has been said about the game and finally demonstrates the unreliable narrator with guns schtick. It is below.

It's everything you needed to know about Gunslinger in a handy little info burst. It is gleefully done, reveling in the game's silliness and gun love. John reveled in that as well, calling bits of it 'wonderful', and I thoroughly enjoyed it at preview events. Well done, Techland. You made a game that didn't rely on a grim simulacrum to sell it. Next step is making it an open world, yes? We know the engine can handle it.

Watch on YouTube

It's out today!

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