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Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger is free to keep on Steam right now

Come spend Christmas in the Wild West

If you fancy some rootin' tootin' point and shootin' over the holidays, Techland are giving away their western FPS Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger free for keepsies on Steam. The last game in the Call Of Juarez series, Gunslinger puts you in the dusty boots of a bounty hunter taking down famous outlaws in the Old West. Not the most festive game, but a very good one nonetheless.

You can find Gunslinger on Steam right now at a very reasonable 100% off. This offer lasts until Tuesday, December 14th, at 6pm GMT (10am PT).

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"Within its own restrictions, it remains the most fun I've had with a shooter in ages," John Walker wrote in his Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger review in 2013. "Unpretentious yet wonderfully original in its gimmicks, and unashamed of being an elaborate shooting gallery."

It still holds up eight years on, too. John wrote about the game more recently as part of his Past Perfect column, which looked back at old faves to see whether or not they're worth playing. The verdict? "If you're in the mood for a really satisfying linear FPS, with a grin on its face, Gunslinger is still a proper fun time."

This freebie is part of the developer's 30th anniversary celebrations, so it's worth noting that they have a couple of heavily-discounted bundles going right now too. The Anniversary Collection contains lots of good'uns fo £24, while the Call Of Juarez bundle, gives you the original game, plus Bound In Blood and Gunslinger for just £6. A bunch of individual Techland games are going cheap as well.

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