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Campaignless Transition: Arma 3

The attractive island exploration simulator multiplayer military simulator, Arma III, has officially transitioned from its extended beta phase into full release mode. Sort of. Bohemia have dropped the beta tag but they haven't added a campaign to the game yet - that'll be released in the near future and patched in. After months of discoveries, which mostly involved Craig crashing helicopters while eyeing up shacks, bees and Altis, it feels like the game has been out for a good while already. The release version includes the full island of Altis, with 12 showcases and 3 faction showcases, 10 challenges and 9 multiplayer scenarios. We'll have a Wot I Think soon. For now, engage your visual organs and watch the launch trailer.

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There's a period of about twenty seconds when I see the Arma that I'll inevitably end up playing. The one about hiking and looking at the scenery. I quite like the idea of a war happening in the background while I tour the hills and valleys, but only as a thing to observe in the distance. That's where I like war to be - off in the distance, occasionally lighting up the night sky. Well, I'd rather wars weren't happening at all but the trailer is so excited about them that I'd feel bad asking for them to be taken out entirely.

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