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Capcom give us some more breadcrumbs on the gorgeous Kunitsu-Gami: Path Of The Goddess

Please Capcom, may I have some more?

Artwork of Kunitsu-Gami showing the goddess and her protectors
Image credit: Capcom

Following its reveal during Xbox Games Showcase, Capcom have given us a few details on their upcoming game Kunitsu-Gami: Path Of The Goddess. When it was first announced on Sunday, we knew very little about the game other than it looks very pretty, and we've been eager to know more ever since. The game also opened Capcom's own showcase the next day, where the same trailer was shown and we didn't get any new information on it. Very enlightening. But luckily, some more details have dripped through, which we've summarised below.

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Thanks to a tweet yesterday, we now know Kunitsu-Gami is being developed by Capcom Dev 1, the division that's responsible for their Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Dead Rising and Mega Man games. The tweet also revealed the game is an action strategy game. Hurrah!

As for what we'll be strategising and action-ing about, we can glean a bit more from the game's official website. Alongside some gorgeous screenshots and artwork for the game is a bit of plot detail, revealing that players will be helping a character called the Spirit Stone Maiden cleanse the world of corruption. Here's what Capcom shared:

"This sacred mountain has been defiled by the people who dwell upon it. Their defilement spreads across the land as a physical blight, beckoning forth foul creatures called the Seethe. The Spirit Stone Maiden is prepared to perform a rite of cleansing, but she needs a guide to clear her path..."

Capcom also give a nod to Okami and their Apple Arcade game Shinsekai - Into The Depths on the website too, saying it follows in the same tradition of exploring rich Japanese-inspired landscapes.

Kunitsu-Gami's website also confirms it will be a single-player adventure for precisely one (1) player only, and it will be on both Game Pass and Steam. We'll have to wait for the next announcement to find out more, though, including its release date.

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