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Cardboard Cretin: Witness My Defeat In Card Hunter

I am speaking to you from beyonnnnd the graaaaaaaaaaaave. Said grave being 'exhausting 24 hour child care' and said beyond being 'the sabbatical I am supposed to be on until October.' While the tiny beast is distracted by a brief milk-daze, I shall seize the opportunity to quickly share with you this video of me playing upcoming TBS/CCG/boardgame delight Card Hunter (which we last wrote about here) against the developers. I'm roundly beaten, naturally, but at least I very nearly manage not to sound bitter about it. Myself and Card Hunter dev Joe McDonagh also quasi-interview each other as we play.

It's my first ever attempt at the multiplayer in this early D&D-evoking game from Blu Manchu (which counts two senior BioShock developers amongst its staff), but I doubt it'll be the last. Card Hunter's a smart, good-natured genre-blend that adds just enough of the random into its battles so as to avoid predictability. Hopefully you can hear that I'm enjoying myself in the video, though I fear it's all too apparent that the beer I drank during the course of it initially made me excitable, only to later crash into slightly sleepy muttering. Don't drink and dice, kids.

Right, that's almost certainly it from me until the Autumn. This means I won't be hear to read whatever awful things you might say about me below. Whatever you do say, however, it can't possibly be as traumatic as dealing with a shit-filled nappy at 4am. BYE.

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