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Carface: FlatOut Developers Announce Next Car Game

Next Car Game may well be a working title, but that hasn't stopped Bugbear from setting up camp at The video, below, is "all in-game footage" and it looks like a rock 'em sock 'em destruction derby. Hurrah! The developers FlatOut games aren't entirely about crashing cars but it's an activity that is very much encouraged. The vehicles in Bugbear's racer aren't the delicate flowers of the Burnout series, which need to reset after all but the gentlest of collisions, the FlatOut rustbuckets fight, scraping, grinding and running each other off the road. Hopefully we'll know more about the studio's next car game, Next Car Game, soon.

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Let us not speak of FlatOut 3, which is the worst final part of a trilogy you'll ever experience, and I'm including World War III in the running, even though my future-friends tell me it is the last one and not because everybody just sort of hangs out afterwards being pals. I'm sorry.

Via Evil Avatar.

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