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Change your ill-considered Cyberpunk 2077 haircut with this new mod

Hack yourself a fresh new 'do

The future is here and you can be whoever you want to be! Put metal in your face. Dig the tackiest clothes you can find out of the bargain bin. Change what kind of sword you've got embedded in your arm. Oh, your hairstyle? No, sorry, that's an immutable personal characteristic. Cyberpunk 2077 may not let you change V's haircut after you've soared out of character creation but never you worry, modders are already on the case and have delivered an early version of a utility for swapping out your locks.

You can find the User-Friendly Hairstyle Changer over on Nexus mods courtesy of modder "UTF_8x". The handy little utility lets you select your current hairstyle from a dropdown menu, locate your save file, and then choose a new hairstyle to slap on your scalp. As of now, you can only swap out your hairstyle, not colour, unfortunately.

UTF_8x explains that beard selection may also be possible to add to the utility, but other changes like hair or eye colour are less certain based on what is and isn't compressed within Cyberpunk 2077's save files.

"The main problem with save files currently is that they're compressed and for an as-of-yet unknown reason the game sees them as corrupted when you try to decompress, edit and recompress them. Certain values, such as the hair style are present in plaintext and can be modified but this doesn't apply to everything."

This all takes place in a small external program that edits your save file, not in-game, mind. Cyberpunk 2077 modding is quite early days still, so we're likely a ways off from anyone constructing a fancy character editor in game or anything of the sort.

In other save file details, CDPR warn that excessive crafting can corrupt your save file, so do make sure you aren't bloating the file size for your save until that issue is worked out.

If you're just getting started in Night City, here's a bunch of other details about Cyberpunk 2077's character creation for you to peruse. If you've not decided whether or not to give it a go, you can check out Graham's Cyberpunk 2077 review to get the lowdown on the good and bad in CD Projekt Red's big, new RPG.

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