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Chase down a vampire dragon in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo

A chunky slice of the expansion with four monsters to hunt, out today

A free demo of Capcom’s upcoming beastie-slashing action RPG expansion Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is releasing on Steam today. It’s worth putting aside at least 10GB ready for the install if you’re planning to take a crack at it. Hop onto your canine mount and check out the trailer below for a glance in advance.

Malzeno is one of three monsters you can hunt in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo today.Watch on YouTube

As per usual for a Monster Hunter demo it’s pretty hefty, with quite a variety of things to be getting on with. Four monsters of increasing difficulty are included for you to hunt down: Great Izuchi (beginner), Tetranodon (intermediate), Astalos (expert) and Malzeno (advanced). There aren’t any restrictions on what weapon you choose either, with Capcom letting you pick from any of the game’s 14 swords, hammers, bows and funky hunting horns.

You can tackle the Sunbreak demo in single-player or with up to three pals online. If you’ve never played Monster Hunter before and still fancy having a go then three training quests are included too, which teach the basics, how to ride monsters and show off the new Switch Skill Swap ability. Playing the demo also bestows upon thee an item pack that transfers across to the full game, along with your save data. You can read the full details of what’s in the demo from Capcom here.

Vid bud Liam went hands-on with Sunbreak last week and had a spot of bother hunting returning creature Seregios. Other than that he really enjoyed it. “Switch Skill Swap is a genuine game-changer while new monsters are sure to offer fresh challenges for returning players,” he said. “I loved Rise, and the prospect of having more of it is hardly a problem, but Sunbreak does feel like something a bit more substantial than that.”

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is out around two weeks from now, on June 30th. You can play it on Steam for £33/$40/€40.

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