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Check out the first footage of Total War: Three Kingdoms in action

Reshape Ancient China in your image

Total War: Three Kingdoms is the latest outing from Creative Assembly's series of best selling strategy games that educate you about fun historical times and places and all the different ways that you can CRUSH their people under your iron will. TW:3K is set for release in spring 2019, and transports the series to Ancient China during the reign of child Emperor Xian of Han, as I'm sure you all remember from history class. I hate to rehash 190 AD when we all know it like the back of our hands. Anyway, like you already know, the child Emperor was manipulated by regent Dong Zhou and various factions would need to rise and fall and make fragile alliances to fight back against this tyranny. You know: Total War basics.

Today, we get a look at some of the pre-alpha gameplay via a new video. They didn't have video in 190 AD. That's a fact I know. A history fact.

From this video, we learn about the special attention given toward how commanders and their abilities affect the flow of combat. There's a city under siege and you can see how generals with different buffs and debuffs handle their unique formation types and troop movements.

Also new to Three Kingdoms are duels, which allow one hero to challenge another to single combat... to the death. A well deployed commander can neutralize one of your enemy's strongest forces and sway the battle in your favor.

Check out the gameplay video below:

Watch on YouTube

You can follow the game via the Steam store page which is available right here where the words are different colors.

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