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The first Total War: Three Kingdoms expansion will bring tigers to the battlefield

Why would you play anyone other than the tiger warlord?

Following a string of smaller DLCs, Creative Assembly have announced the first full expansion for Total War: Three Kingdoms. Named The Furious Wild, it's inviting you to delve into the jungles of Southern China to meet four new warlords. They each lead a new playable faction - I'm a big fan of the one who brings tigers to the battlefield, she definitely looks cooler than the dude with the elephants (you'll see him in a minute). Launching on September 3rd, the expansion will also extend the game's map into this region.

The trailer features some intense battling between these four new factions led by the warlords Meng Huo, King Mulu, Lady Zhurong, and King Shamole:

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These tribes belong to the Nanman culture, and The Furious Wild will have some new missions and events to learn more about them. These tribes will bring 25 new units to play with, including those animal units you can see in the trailer. They'll have a new tech tree and faction mechanics to boot.

On top of that, the map is expanding to show you the jungles in the south of China.

Total War: Three Kingdoms The Furious Wild is set to launch on September 3rd, priced at £15/€19/$19 on Steam. At the same time, the base game will get a free update bringing a fiery new Han Warlord named Shi Xie, Gate Battles, and some quality-of-life improvements.

We reckon Three Kingdoms is one of the best games you can play with a hot mug in your hand. Swap the hot mug for an ice cold lemonade and you've got the perfect summer heatwave game.

Creative Assembly last week launched A Total War Saga: Troy, a new smaller side-game. Our review says it's kinda more of the same (not that the same is bad), but it was given away for its first 24 hours on the Epic Games Store so 7.5 million people got it free.

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