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Children Of Morta's critter-packed DLC is raising funds for the Humane Society

Sounds a hoot.

Does the Bergson house feel a little lonely in Children Of Morta? Don't you wish there was a whimsical owl waiting for you each and every morning? Dream no more, friend. The latest piece of DLC for Dead Mage's family-focussed Diablike lets you adopt a herd of furry and feathered friends - and by picking it up, you'll be doing their real-world counterparts a bit of good, too.

Even if you're not too hot on Children Of Morta, it's worth giving the trailer below a play for a good look at some extremely fluffy pals. Good boys, each and every one of them.

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Obvs, this is a very beast-centric piece of DLC. An animal shelter has been added to the house, adding a new system for taking care of creatures once you've passed the second floor of cave 2. These critters all have happiness levels that can be raised with treats, giving the family an overall boost - turns out, being surrounded by friendly fauna does good for morale. These include higher XP gain, boosts to movement speed, critical chance, luck and dodge. But more importantly, you've got a menagerie of fuzzy pals waiting for your return, and that's quite nice innit?

100% of the revenue earned by paws and claws will go towards Humane Society International, an animal welfare charity. The DLC also arrives alongside a free update adding Linux support, and a "Treasure Pack" of new consumables, relics and divine graces. Full patch notes for the update can be found over on the Steam announcement page.

Sin eventually grew to like the game in her Children Of Morta review, but found it to be a tough beast to love. "I can see it finding a happy audience," she wrote, "But if I wasn’t reviewing it I doubt I’d have got there. It leads with its worst foot and you have to grind for hours to drag the other one into the dance."

Children Of Morta: Paws And Claws can be picked up on Steam for £3/€4/$4. As mentioned, 100% of the proceeds will go towards the Humane Society.

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