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Children Of Morta has added a Hard Mode and some brand new enemies

And some new items too

Children Of Morta got its first free content update yesterday, the Shrine Of Challenge, introducing a hard mode to challenge the most veteran of players, as well as some new enemies and items to shake up the game even more.

The first of the new baddies is the Dark Blade, they're the purple guys in the trailer below doing what seems like some scratchy spinning attacks. The other new enemy is the Mech Constructor that looks like it floated straight out of some Dwemer ruins.

The update also features a new UI with the option to have a larger HUD, some balance changes and fixes for the normal mode, and 18 new items "granting boulders falling from the sky, bolts emanating from the players" and lots more.

If you haven't played it, Children Of Morta is a really pretty action-RPG with some rogue-lite elements that tasks you with protecting Mount Morta. You do this by playing as a family of heroes, hacking and slashing your way through procedurally generated dungeons.

While the game can be a bit grindy (and I'm not entirely sure how a hard mode is going to improve that) Sin found the artwork quite lovely in her Children Of Morta review: "It puts a creative spin on the dungeon diving Diablike, and does away with the incessant clicking and faffing about that often puts me off those. It's also gorgeous."

Children Of Morta is available on Steam, GOG and Humble (and has a 30% discount for the next few days), and the Shrine Of Challenge update is live right now.

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