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Choo choo! Call of Duty: Warzone gets a train and killer birds this week

Cawl of Duty

Season five of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone is out tomorrow, so here’s a release trailer to make your fingers itch. Imogen went over all of the operators and guns last week, but Warzone in particular is my jam so I’m focusing on that.

Yep, there’s a train coming to Verdansk, and I’m already making space on my hard-drive for this rolling stock of death. The trailer also gives us a look inside the stadium, and has the surprise inclusion of what appears to be a raven assassination.

I love how maps in battle royale games evolve. They’re not subtle, so you get the addition of a honking great train looping the map. Players can hop on it and fight, or chase it with other vehicles to take down anyone riding on it. And is that turrets on those buggies? There's going to be a lot of drive-bys in this update. Alongside this, it looks like the train station is opening up for combat as well.

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The other big change is that the stadium roof has been blasted open, enabling players to finally drop down into it and fight. It’s a very different space for Warfare: a huge oval where death can come from lots of clear angles. I think it’ll make a good change of pace. It also fills in the dead space in the map that the stadium took up.

I’ll be honest, I’ve no idea what the raven assassination is all about, but I'll be terrified knowing that someone in the game will be able to unleash an angry bird to take me out. Another sneaky addition is being able to access roofs from the ground via outside cables. It’s a nice tweak that should give campers more things to fret over.

The update is out tomorrow, whenever they press the big button that makes it so.

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