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Citizen Sleeper’s first free story DLC is out today

'Flux' brings two fresh characters and a new storyline

Flux is the first of cyberpunk thought-poser Citizen Sleeper’s free DLCs, and it launches into the game today. It’s the start of a series of three free episodes coming to the game, and features a new story that should last players around 1 or 2 hours. Catch a glimpse of what to expect when you watch the trailer below.

Eshe and Peake are the new faces arriving with Citizen Sleeper's first free DLC, Flux.Watch on YouTube

The story begins when a flotilla of refugee ships turns up at Citizen Sleeper’s interstellar outpost, Erlin's Eye. You’ll need to help some new characters who manage to get onto the station before quarantine prevents them from boarding. The episode introduces Eshe, the captain of a ship called the Climbing Briar, who gets caught up in the refugee crisis that starts to endanger the whole station. There’s also another newb called Peake – not Tim – who is a bit more approachable than their captain. That’s if you can find them, because Peake is a bit stealthy.

The free DLC for Citizen Sleeper was revealed during June’s PC Gaming Show. It’s the second stop on the game’s roadmap, following some balance changes and bug fixes patched in last month. October sees the arrival of Citizen Sleeper’s still as-yet-untitled second free DLC, which will continue the story started in Flux. Devs Jump Over The Age, a.k.a. Gareth Damian Martin, intend to release more updates in 2023, but there’s no word on what they’ll be yet.

Brendan felt the base game's characters stood out in his Citizen Sleeper review. “It is not a perfect game but it has enough player freedom and likeable characters to earn my commitment to the bit. Which is the exact strength of a good tabletop RPG,” he said. “Ultimately, it's not the machinery of Citizen Sleeper I'll remember, not the ticking clocks and the rerolls, but the hackers and the mercs, the drunks and the shipyard workers.”

Citizen Sleeper: Flux is out today, July 28th, at 6pm BST/7pm CEST/10am PST. You can find the base game over on Steam, GOG, Humble and the Epic Games Store for £16/$20/€17, and it’s also included in PC Game Pass.

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