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Citizen Sleeper's third and final free DLC is coming at the end of March

Episode: Purge rounds out the story

Dystopian tabletop-ish RPG Citizen Sleeper is receiving its third and final DLC episode at the end of the month. DLC for Citizen Sleeper was first announced last summer through a post-launch content roadmap, and with Episode: Flux and Episode: Refuge out the door, it’s now time for Episode: Purge, free for all owners on March 30th. Purge is introducing a new narrative arc alongside more characters, locations, and lore.

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Details for Episode: Purge are vague, but we know it’ll expand on the story from the first two updates. Developer Jump Over The Age say that “players returning to Erlin’s Eye might even find themselves running into some familiar faces!” The roadmap also teases that the “story of the Flotilla, the Eye, and the wider Helion system comes to a turning point.”

While details are sparse, if Purge is anything like the base game, it’ll be a banger. Citizen Sleeper was showered with praise when it was released last year, and RPS was a part of the flower-throwing parade. In his review, Brendan Caldwell called the game “a stylish machine with a gooey human heart,” and the hype persisted long enough for Citizen Sleeper to make it onto RPS’ 2022 game of the year list.

Although, my favourite RPS piece about Citizen Sleeper is Hayden’s feature on how it made him less excited for Starfield. Hayden reflects on the bleakness of the real world, how Citizen Sleeper works as cathartic hopefulness, and how Starfield’s endless galaxy seems tedious, in comparison. It’s what made me finally download the RPG, and with the final update incoming, it might not be a bad time for you either.

Citizen Sleeper is out now for £17/$20/€20 on Steam, and it’s also available on Game Pass. The free update will be available to all owners (and Game Pass subscribers) on March 30th. The full game is also launching on PlayStation consoles on March 31st.

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