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Clean out Shinra in PowerWash Simulator’s upcoming Final Fantasy 7 expansion

The real FF7 Remake

Dream life sim PowerWash Simulator is heading on another unexpected mission, this time to Final Fantasy 7’s industrial city of Midgar. You’ll need to wait a little longer to help Cloud and friends clean up the city, as we don’t have a release date for the free Midgar Special Request DLC yet. The crossover pack’s announcement (via the Square Enix Extreme Edges Twitter account) did tease a few of the things we can expect to clean up, including the Seventh Heaven bar, and FF7’s first boss the Guard Scorpion. The teaser image also shows off the motorcycles from FF7’s mini-game, so I’ll be expecting to hose that down in time for a quick escape.

Cover image for YouTube videoPowerWash Simulator | Tomb Raider Special Pack Release Date | Square Enix Collective | [PEGI] EN
PowerWash Sim's first DLC head's to Croft Manor

Honestly, a romp to Midgar doesn’t seem too outlandish for this FPS (first-person soaper.) PowerWash Simulator actually has a surprising amount of lore. I recently found out that a UFO contacts you for some cleaning? And that one of the levels takes you to [redacted spoiler location]? I’m genuinely curious about that - maybe curious enough to jump back into the game...

PowerWash Simulator is a game that just keeps on giving. Ed gushed about the wash ‘em up in his review, calling it a “meditative escape backed by the sounds of chirping birds and whoosh of water.” Ed wasn’t the only one in the RPS Treehouse to be soaped up by the game, as it made it onto our Top 24 Favourite 2022 Games list.

If you’re itching to wash up other iconic gaming locales, you’re in luck. The free Tomb Raider Special Pack releases today at 5pm GMT/6pm CET/9am ET. PowerWash Sim’s first crossover pack takes you to Croft Manor on a mission to clean Lara’s run-down family home. PowerWash Simulator's crossovers will be free when you own the game on Steam for £20/€25/$25. It's also available on Game Pass.

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