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Closer To The Heart: StarCraft II's New Units

I'll admit that I haven't played StarCraft II in a while, so it's been easy for me to slip into thinking "Gosh, how could an expansion that only adds some new units and missions take so long?" Then I watched this video of Heart of the Swarm's shiny (and, in some cases, slimy) new toys, and goodness, Blizzard does know that it's, like, destroying everything, right? Again, I'm no expert, but almost everything here looks like a game-changer in some way or another. I mean, the Protoss Oracle will probably be the new linchpin in my patented "I know I'm going to lose, so I'll attempt to annoy my opponent to death" strategy by entombing enemy supplies and turning my buildings invisible. And then there's the Zerg Swarm Host, which belches out "endless" free minions until either it or you die of natural/totally-not-natural causes. That's only the beginning of the absurdity. Check out the rest after the break.

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Right then. As a general rule, I make a point of fearing anything that can whip tanks around with its tongue and reduce entire men to putrid piles of acid and bone by breathing. And while I have no doubt that Blizzard's tirelessly tweaking to ensure that everybody remains on an even playing field, Zerg players are clearly getting the most love from a creative standpoint - which isn't too surprising, given the expansion's, you know, name. Again, though, my brain's StarCraft drivers are woefully out-of-date. So, are these units really as bonkers as they look?

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