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Cloudpunk's "sequel-sized" City Of Ghosts DLC is out now

Return to one of gaming's best cities

Cloudpunk has changed dramatically since its release last year, with updates that let you explore its neon voxel cityscape in first-person, and then drive its cabs from the cockpit. Now its "sequel-sized" DLC City Of Ghosts is out, adding a second protagonist to the game.

Here's the announcement trailer from two months ago:

Cover image for YouTube videoCloudpunk - City of Ghosts Official Trailer

City Of Ghosts is set in Nivalis, the same city as the original game, but this time it's "more dangerous, more tense," according to the game's Steam page. You again take control of Rania, who has attracted the attention of a "secret society of AI worshipping zealots," and of debt collectors. Alongside her you'll play as new character Hayse, a drunken gambler trying to clear his debts before morning.

Otherwise, it's offering much the same as the original game: a beautiful city to walk and drive around with a fully voiced story to listen to at the same time. City Of Ghosts adds races to take part in, but seems to remain pretty limited otherwise. The core appeal therefore seems to be what Sin talked about in her Cloudpunk review.

"You might not be able to do much besides walk and drive around it, but it's one of the best cities I've ever seen, and I spent a fair amount of time just idling around and watching it go while listening to the rain, the muffled thumping of nightclubs, and the excellent music," she wrote. So, here's a reason to return to one of the best cities Sin had ever seen.

Cloudpunk: City Of Ghosts is currently discounted by 10% on Steam and costs £11.69/$13.49/€13.49. It requires the base game to play, which is currently half off and £8.49/$10/€10.

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