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Cloudpunk announces a "sequel-sized" DLC with a second protagonist

Rania is in trouble with the corpos again

Futuristic delivery driver adventure Cloudpunk is dropping off what it calls a "sequel-sized DLC" that's apparently longer than the original game. In addition to continuing Cloudpunk's story with Rania the driver, the City Of Ghosts DLC also adds new areas, vehicle customisation, and street races. There's no expected delivery date just yet, but Ion Lands say it'll be avaialable on PC "soon".

Leading courier Rania is in trouble once again when City Of Ghosts begins. "After surviving the events of the original Cloudpunk, she’s drawn the ire of monolithic courier corporation Curzona," Ion Lands say in their announcement. "With debt collectors, homicidal cyborgs and at least one death cult on her trail, Rania might not have a single friend left in the city of Nivalis. Meanwhile, deadbeat gambler Hayse has been set an impossible task: to clear all his debts by the end of the night."

Hayse introduces himself down here in the DLC trailer where you can also spot some car chase action that might be those street races Ion Lands mentioned. Are they still called street races in the sky?

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I never did wind up taking this one for a spin myself, but Sin had plenty of good to say in her Cloudpunk review. While she says the story is interesting enough without being outstanding, the city itself is the real star. "Nivalis is constantly moving," she says. "When you're driving above it the foot traffic goes on. When you're walking, the trains shunt by, the advertising blimps drift along, and occasionally police hovercars will rush overhead. It's an absolutely marvellous place, and a joy to wander around even if there aren't all that many ways to interact with it."

Ion Lands say that the City Of Ghosts DLC is a new fully-voiced story with its own multiple endings depending on your choices. Studio head Marko Dieckmann says "It’s a darker, tenser, more complex story, and we can’t wait for people to experience it."

City Of Ghosts doesn't have a release date yet, but you can find it over on Steam when it does land. In the meantime, Ion Lands have discounted the main game by 40% until April 7th.

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