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Nivalis is a slice-of-life sim set in Cloudpunk's wonderful city

Live in one of gaming's best cyberpunk worlds

I am a fan of many things: Japanese women’s wrestling, those little rivers that get carved into beaches, and game worlds being reused and repurposed. Until RPS rebrands, I’ll only get to talk about that third thing in that list. But look! Nivalis has been announced. It’s a “slice-of-life” game set in the same city as cyberpunk delivery sim Cloudpunk. You get to live there, learning to cook, decorating your apartment, and even go fishing.

Everyone who played Cloudpunk wanted to see more of the city, so developer Ion Lands added a first-person mode last May. They clearly just ran with that and ended up with Nivalis, where you can choose how to spend your time. You can build a business, decorate where you live and where you work, mix cocktails, tend to a greenhouse, or just go for a walk. That last one feels like the heart of it all, really. Let the world slowly reveal itself as you slosh through puddles and bump into NPCs, delivery cabs whirring overhead.

Here’s what Cloudpunk looked like in first-person when it was updated. In other news, I have reinstalled Cloudpunk, and will be taking the latest sequel-sized DLC City Of Ghosts for a spin.

Cover image for YouTube videoCloudpunk - Cockpit Update Trailer

I know this sort of thing is said a lot, but I need this to come out in VR, stat. I’ve played both Low-Fi and Aircar, and would happily spend a lifetime in a VR voxel city.

As I mentioned, I'll be playing Cloudpunk: City Of Ghosts soonish. It's currently discounted by 10% on Steam and costs £11.69/$13.49/€13.49. It requires the base game to play, which is currently £8.49/$10/€10. That's half price. As for Nivalis, you can wishlist it on Steam now, but it's release date is still TBA.

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