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Glittering cyberpunk life sim Nivalis has been delayed until 2025

Look to the future

The skyscrapers and apartment blocks of Nivalis are obscured by smog.
Image credit: 505 Games

When the makers of Cloudpunk revealed their next game would be set in the same cyberpunk city as their sci-fi delivery sim, my ears were pricked. When they showed you'd be running a noodle bar and fishing in the slums instead of flying a hovercar around, I went into full wishlisty mode. Nivalis (named for the cyberpunk city in question) was due to come to PC some time this year. But plans have changed. If, like me, you're intrigued by the promise of a life under a neon canopy, you might have to wait. The release date has been pushed into next year. As compensation, here, the creators have put out another trailer to remind you what's coming.

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"Nivalis will be launching in Spring 2025!" say developers Ion Lands in a Steam post. "Our city has taken on a life of its own, growing and evolving in ways we are eager to share with you... Ensuring that Nivalis provides the best possible experience is our priority. Your patience and support are invaluable as we navigate through this creative journey."

Fair dos, I'll hang about. It's still a vague date but at least it's narrowed down to a season. And there are some things in the new trailer we haven't seen before, such as the pixellated subway map screen, or the little robot fella asking the player if they sell lube (oo-er). But apart from that it seems like another pitch for chill times in a cool open world. There are no more hints about the serial killer that is supposedly on the loose, as mentioned in previous videos. We'll have to wait and see what's up with that.

All in all it still seems good fodder for folks seeking to resettle in a futuristic city and explore some glowing streets. I got some of that desire out of my system by wandering the sidewalks of Cyberpunk 2077, of course. But something about the noisy voxels of Nivalis makes the city look even more low-life-high-tech. It helps that every car is flying, which essentially pedestrianises the entire city, hopefully making its alleyways and towers more labyrinthine and intricate. Ah, maybe I'm just yearning for that Bernband sequel. Oh well.

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