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Nivalis looks like a cyberpunk Stardew Valley where you can run a bar

A slice-of-life RPG set in the same city as Cloudpunk

My favourite spot in Berband's colourful night city is a tiny quiet backalley bar at a hole in a wall, and my first task in Nivalis will be attempting to recapture that mood. Nivalis is a slice-of-life sim set in the same cyberpunk city as hovercar courier game Cloudpunk, where we'll get to run bars and restaurants, grow ingredients, fish, make friends, and maybe even find love. So like a cyberpunk Stardew Valley? Have a look in the new trailer.

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The developers did announce Nivalis in 2021 but didn't have much to show. Now we have this fancy trailer and more info and things.

There we are, in another brutal cyberpunk city, just trying to run a small business. Starting with something small like a noodle stand or stim store, we'll get to work up to bigger, fancier spots like nightclubs and restaurants. Along the simulated days and nights, we can cook and mix cocktails for customers, grow our own ingredients, decorate our home, get to know local folks, go fishing, and even consider the possibility of love in a cold world. So yeah, one of those sorts of games, but in a glowing cyberpunk city. I'm game.

It is curious that they've got the same voxel-y world as Cloudpunk but this time switched to conventional 3D for people. I guess it might help them feel more real if we're meant to live amongst them. But what if you're into women with a lot of angles?

No word on a release date yet, but Nivalis will be on Steam and the Epic Games Store. It's made by Ion Lands, and published by 505 Games.

I know Sin dug the first visit to this city, saying in her Cloudpunk review: "It feels unappreciative to wish that there could be even more of it, but it's like that perfect cup of tea. You'll always want another one." I am only now remembering that I bought Cloudpunk after they added the option of a first-person perspective, then never played it. Well! Time to install that, then.

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