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Command & Conquer Remastered Collection is out now with its new 4K face

Welcome back, Commander

Amid all these flashy full remakes of older games, Command & Conquer Remastered Collection is holding the line for the remaster crowd who want their classic games with more pixels but no fewer quirks. The Remastered Collection is out now, bringing all its expansion packs and some modern niceties like a new UI to the old RTS series.

C&C Remastered has a pretty long list of upgrades for the collection. Petroglyph have created new 4K assets for the game, the sleek and not pixelated ones above. If you really want to take a trip to the past though, you can toggle between modern and classic visuals. Petroglyph have also re-imagined the interface, opting for a modern sidebar option that they say should reduce all that scrolling you have to do. C&C Remastered also has a map editor, HD cutscenes, custom game lobbies, new music tracks, and a bunch of other quality of life boosts.

Over on Reddit, producer Jim Vessella says "Thank you to everyone in the C&C community for their encouragement, positive energy, and engagement throughout this project. We certainly hope the game lives up to your expectations when you begin playing, and can live on with the community as you begin delving into the source code and UGC tools."

Electronic Arts have also said they're releasing the source code at launch, a nice gift to the modding community.

You can grab the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection on Steam and the Origin Store for £18/€20/$20.

And apparently Kane lives.

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