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The C&C Remastered Collection is just a few bucks (or quid) on Steam this week

Two classic real-time strategy games, two best-in-class remasters, two pounds

Our review of the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection, which bundles and shines the first C&C and Red Alert, called it "as close to a perfect restoration of two genre-defining real-time strategy games as you’ll get." It included all three expansions, it made everything look great at 4K resolution, it revived the multiplayer, it remastered the beloved music...

And now it's 85% off this week on Steam, meaning you can pick it up for £2.69/$3.

Cover image for YouTube videoCommand & Conquer Remastered Collection Official Reveal Trailer

The Remastered Collection is this week's Steam Midweek Madness deal and the discount runs until January 23rd. You can pick it up from the Steam store page.

The Remastered Collection includes Command & Conquer with The Covert Operations expansion and spin-off Red Alert with the Counterstrike and The Aftermath expansions. Beyond that, it really does contain almost every feature you'd want from a modern remaster: upscaled cinematics, a redesigned UI, multiplayer replays and spectator mode, a map editor, and so on. It even adds build queues to C&C.

The new art is lovely, too, and faithful, although if you dislike it you can switch back to the original sprites at any time.

Beyond the quality of the remaster, these are good strategy games that popularised much of the template for the genre and which still hold up as daft, bombastic fun. The original C&C was one of the games we got with our first PC back in the mid-'90s - alongside Dark Forces and TFX, I think - but I'm most fond of Red Alert, its sillier cousin. It remains a great game for multiplayer skirmishes.

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