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Contraption Maker Rolls Onto Steam Early Access

The previous times I've mentioned Contraption Maker, people have responded with smiles and approving nods. There is a lot of love out there for an Incredible Machine style game, and Contraption Maker is built by the original developer. It seems people still remember DOS prompts and floppy discs with fond memories, though I must confess I prefer this wonderful new world of icons and digital distribution, which is exactly what developer Spotkin is taking advantage of. We are hours away from the game arriving on Steam Early Access. Hours, people!

Unless you're reading this in the future, of course. Then I appear to chronologically drunk. Have a trailer while I sober up.

Cover image for YouTube video

Marbles! Cats! EXplosions! It's an interesting game to allow people early access to. Solving puzzles and building contraptions requires component parts, and the developers are saying that as the game progresses in development things will change functionality. Basically, early adopters can expect their wonderful toys to break with updates, which is why I won't be naming anything I build after my mother.

Despite the game's 20 year lineage, it's a modern take on the physics puzzler: the only limitation to what you can build it your PC's power, there's pre-baked video recording, co-op puzzles to solve, and it'll also use Steam Workshop to share puzzles.

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