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Eyes On The Machine: Contraption Maker Videos

The sky was the colour of a positive pregnancy test and the bomb rolled down the slope. The bomber ran in the opposite direction, like that kitten startled by a lizard. The bomb kept rolling, it was like gravity believed in its cause. But was it gravity, or was it something more? For some reason a football hit a spring that pushed the bomb off in another direction. The bomber landed on a torch that shone through a magnifying glass and lit the bomb, just like that bit in the map room in Indiana Jones. The explosion was heard for miles, rabbits flinched and cowered as a wall crumbled, releasing the bomber to set off a rocket and fall into a box. Then the guy from Twilight showed up and both men kissed. If you'd rather experience Contraption Maker without clumsy prose and adult situations, you can always just watch the videos I dug up on the developer's blog.

Videos like this one.

Cover image for YouTube video

Recognise it? It was what my fan fiction was based on. Contraption Maker is a reimagining of Incredible Machine, so if it feels familiar it's because it's based on a series that everyone that has ever wrestled with a DOS prompt has played. It's an old, old series with new, new clothes. It was only announced a month ago, but there are already a few videos showing off the early work that's been done. You can have one more video before I send you off to the developer's blog to see the rest, because he's clearly enjoying sharing the process with everyone. This one shows off some recently added rope physics.

Cover image for YouTube video

Read all about it, here.

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